“Onumap” is the app which can easily check courses, fare, the time required and timetable, just choose departure place and destination place even if you don’t type anything. It intended for the public transportation (bus) and walking in Nanae and around Onuma Park.

It can easily read the sightseeing spots, the view spots and notification of events around Onuma Park, and it is possible to set facilities and event venue to the departure and destination, and search for the route.
Even iconless place, set from optional place.
And, enrich function like to read Onuma Park walking trail, report of the view spot, the plants and wild bird of Onuma, toilet information, etc. You can enjoy the sightseeing in Onuma.

■Walking Course
Browse the walking course in Onuma Park.
There are 4 courses in the Onuma / Konuma lakeside, you can enjoy the walking according to time and purpose.
- Oshima-no-Michi (15 minutes course)
It is possible to go through with wheelechairs and strollers. There is “A thousand Winds” monument.
- Mori-no-Komichi (20 minutes course)
You can hear the bird’s singing while enjoy the nature.
- Shimameguri-no-Michi (50 minutes course)
A course which 7 islands connect with arched bridges.
-Yuhi-no-Michi (25 minutes course)
It’s a walking course of Konuma. There are a lot of wild birds and waterfowls, you can enjoy walk relaxedly and calmly.

■Free Wi-Fi
Use the Free Wi-Fi function, you don’t need to make your password and ID, you can use Wi-Fi automatically.

■Facility Information, Event Information
Check the tourist facilities and event information of Onuma.
And, as a special contents, pick up the special information according to the season, we’d like you to discover the attraction of Onuma.
- Tourist facility is shown near facilities in turn from the present location.
- Choose from “Area” and “Category” and browse.
- Event information is shown the event which is held on the day based on the calendar.
- Browse the event and facility information which are related to each other

■Route Search
Search the route, time required, fare and time table of each transportation. (Transportation : Walking and the public transport (bus) )
- Search present location as departure place linked with location information.
- Set to departure place and destination place just tap the bus stop icon or facility icon.
- Even iconless place, set from optional place.
- Set and check the date, time, departure, arrival, the first and last train (bus) optionally.
- Time table show up when tap the bus stop icon.

■Disaster Prevention Information
Check disaster information estimated area and evacuation area with disaster prevention map (PDF) of Nanae which have jurisdiction over Onuma.

※Depending on the mobile devices, it may not operate properly.


バージョン 1.0.46

* 祝日を更新






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