Orange Pill App Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
55 Ratings

55 Ratings

1btcnr ,

The ideal Bitcoiner talkspace.

The OPA is THE virtual nexus for meeting and connecting with Bitcoiners. I’ve been able to connect with all types of people whether you’re new, old, young, distinguished and well known, or just learning, this is the place to find it.

And to make things even more tight knit, you may even get to chat with some influential Bitcoiners in the space.

So far, I’ve been delighted with my experience using the app. I came here to network with likeminded individuals, and that’s exactly what it has delivered. 10/10 would recommend.

Dr Codeman ,

Amazing App

It’s awesome having one of the founders reaching out to see what you think and having an open line of communication. Once this app blows up I’m sure they won't be able to communicate as efficiently but if this is a sign of their customer service standards, then I am excited. It’s also nice not getting spammed with ads. Spending $2.99 a month is nothing. Just skip your $5 daily coffee or be more effective and make your own so you can stack more sats.

HellStew ,

Brilliant app

This app is just what you need to meet like minded people near you! Also great for events and gatherings. Lots of cool features coming. Thoughtful to privacy minded users. Is this a dating app? :)
"After 5 months trying to get my local meetup started, in 48 hours with this app I have a co host and 8 new members. This app is exactly what we’ve been missing and I’m glad the people on it have a little skin in the game. I don’t want a bunch of grifters."

Beverly006363 ,

Slow application

For two days now the application has been slow. It’s takes time to receive messages and when you send a message it indicate a red sign at the bottom of your message. For me it means that the message has not be sent. If there is an error with the application please fix it.

Developer Response ,

The reason why you see the red sign at the bottom of your messages is because you have been banned from OPA for being a scammer.

If you create more accounts you will be banned on those too.

Chad and Aimee ,

Bitcoiners Rejoice! Find bitcoiners near you!

Seeing some negativity about being a paid app so here’s my top 2 positive attributes about having to pay:
1. If it’s free, then you are the product i.e. data mining and selling your information
2. Value 4 Value - I’m good with paying for something I find value in. It’s a direct transfer of value from user to developer

I have been able to find a local bitcoiner and we started an area meetup. Also have connected with other influential plebs I’ve met at conferences and able to ask direct questions to them and they respond!

Another great tool in the push to adoption of bitcoin and the bright orange future!

Zeke Nakamoto ,

A Thriving Community for Bitcoiners

OPA is a fantastic social network for bitcoiners! The founders are highly involved and consistently release updates to improve the user experience. I appreciate the attention to detail and the dedication to the community. If you’re looking for a platform to connect with other bitcoiners, I highly recommend giving OPA a try!

Phillip Pines ,

Fantastic app!

Absolutely beautiful app! I met the team while I was attending a local Bitcoin Conference and was so impressed by the amount of effort poured into the concept I had to download. Super excited for their future developments and I strongly recommend anyone who is interested in Bitcoin, whether an expert or novice, to give it a download! The subscription is totally worth it.

Steven Laughlin ,

Game changer

This app is great! The founders (Matteo) reached out to me right away to see if I was having any issues. No issues. I was able to meet some locals in the area right away and attend meetups that I didn’t even know existed. I can’t wait for the merchant feature to be working! Highly recommend for all bitcoiners!

Lee Salminen ,

Meet Other Bitcoiners!

Meeting other Bitcoiners from around the world has been the most interesting hobby I’ve ever had. This group of people are able to talk deeply about things I care about- economics, technology, and freedom. This app has helped me meet more Bitcoiners! Looking forward to seeing who it connects me with in the future.

12hourdrive ,

Meet like minded folks

I’m so thankful for this application! It helped me meet local Bitcoiner and even ones further away. The community is so kind and encouraging to one another. The knowledge I’ve been able to gain from the users is truly pure signal! No noise 🧡