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The emperor ordered the invasion of this small planet called earth, it’s nothing compared to our great Alien empire. But hé if the emperor wants something he gets it right? besides the reward to clear out the surface of this planet is more than enough for us to go right captain? Getting money for clearing this little planet, sure thing let’s go. Polish the guns and load the bombs, we got some killing to do. Turn on your Turbo engine and get us to that planet fast, lets start earning some money.

Outer invasion is a fun and addictive shooter game with a pure arcade touch. The goal of this game is pretty straight forward kill as many humans in a period of 1:30 secondes. Controls are just as simple as well you move left and right with the direction controls and fire your guns with the fire button. Its as easy as it gets, why more buttons on your screen then needed!

List of upgrades in outer invasion:

Exoskeletal Armor - You can live longer with stronger case

Alien Gunpowder - Apply the incredible alien gunpowder that makes bombs explode wider

Overclocking - Thanks to chief Pekong who operates the cannon. Now it shoots faster

Super Crew - We train our crews to be better than f1 pit stop crews RELOAD NOW!!!!! YES SIR !!!

Nanotech Explosive - A bomb inside a bomb? We couldn’t find “impossible in our allien dictionary

Uranium Impact - Using this incredible metal perhaps could deal some critical damage for sure

Multishot - Build another cannon to launch more bombs. Destruction from the sky!

Alien Magazine - Just like its name, its is long and able to hold more bombs. Now the reload crews may save their breath.

Turbo Engine - We are the first turbo engine inventor before human accidentally invented it. Increase movement speed like a boss

Meteorite core - Meteorites contain amazing core and we’ll use them to create amazing bombs as well. Increase bomb’s basic damage for sure!

Gravity Manipulation - Pfft we can manipulate earth’s gravity for sure, bomb goes down faster! Kaboom there she blows!

Monetizing Strategy - Yes we are aliens but it doesn’t mean we don’t know about money thats why we are here of course! earning money by clearing out the planet.

The goal of outer invasion is to earn a the achievements in the game the list is as following:

World’s end - kill 5000 soldiers of planet earth

Tactical shot - Try to kill 10 units in a single shot

Bone Hunter - Kill 1500 units of the skinny army

Veteran dudes - Kill 1500 units of the chiefs army

Serial Killer 0- Shoot 150 explosive barrels

True Gamer - Play 10 times

The giants - Destroy 250 units of tanks

Lucky dude - Collect 50 power-ups

Bombardier - Shoot 500 bombs towards earth

Thank you - Open up the credits

Pro gamer - reach 500 combo’s

Stealth mode Avoid and kill 100 units

So if you like simple arcade shooter games then download outer invasion, a fun and addictive arcade shooter on your device today

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Vasco Rouw
66.3 MB

Requiere iOS 4.3 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.



Violencia en dibujos animados o en imágenes fantásticas poco frecuente/moderada


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