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**Want to know if a food is Paleo or not? Find out by downloading the Paleo Food List app right now for FREE!**

The Paleo Food List app will simplify your journey to success with the paleo diet. No more guess work or googling a food and searching websites to find out if a food is Paleo.

Simply browse the intuitive categories in the app or search for a food you’re curious about and Grok the caveman will tell if the food is paleo or not.

Features of the app include:
- A food list of over 6,000 items and growing!!
- Browse the beautifully designed categories.
- Search the full database at any time.
- Intuitive design - a smiling Grok the caveman with a green tick means the food is paleo while a sad Grok with a red cross means it’s not.
- For those borderline foods we’ve added detailed information so you can decide if a food will fit your lifestyle.
- Save your favorite paleo foods to make grocery shopping that much easier.
- Tips, an FAQ and a beginners guide on the paleo diet for those just starting out. All your questions are answered here!

The Paleo diet (aka caveman diet) is a great way to improve your health. It has been around since the Paleolithic era. The diet focuses on eating nutrient-dense, whole, unprocessed foods that are easy for your body to digest.

Please email us if we are missing any food, give us your feedback and check out our other apps at http://jozicproductions.com/.


版本 2.0.1

The big update to the Paleo Food List app is here. We've completely overhauled every category and food. The database has expanded by over 6,000 foods. Enjoy and eat Paleo!


4.0(满分 5 分)
23 个评分

23 个评分

Lilly Cate

I love this app

This app was a life saver...I had trouble figuring out what I can eat but now i know and am more aware and serious about my Paleo diet. One of my favorite parts about this app is the FAQ. The FAQ is so helpful because I learned a lot I didn’t know and now I am very aware once again. I owe it all to this app!


Great idea, inconsistent info

Although I love how the app works, it will lead you astray on some of its answers. Dairy is never paleo but it gives a yes to some things for being fermented, and a maybe/no on other things that are fermented. I notice it also gives a maybe to skim milk but a no on whole milk. If you were going to consume dairy (like a primal diet) skim milk would be the last thing you would put in your body. Skim milk is as not compliant as it gets in dairy.

Only Essential Apps

Only Essential Apps

Condensed. Not necessary to list the whole fast food chain menu. Just put the name of the company & why nothing is good from them. The app needs to be updated. Put a eat this not this section, with the core or foundation of the paleo diet. New ICON please.


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