Wirst du die Menschheit retten? Pandemic ist die Videospielumsetzung des preisgekrönten kooperativen Brettspiels.

Die Menschheit steht am Rande der Auslöschung. Als Mitglieder einer Seuchenspezialeinheit seid ihr die Einzigen, die zwischen den vier tödlichen Seuchen und ihrer weltweiten Verbreitung steht. Ihr müsst die Welt bereisen und Städte schützen, die Ausbreitung der Seuchen verhindern und Heilmittel für sie finden. Das Schicksal der Menschheit liegt in euren Händen

Ruf dein Expertenteam zusammen. Es ist Zeit, die Menschheit zu retten. Jedes Teammitglied bringt ganz eigene Fähigkeiten mit, die clever eingesetzt werden müssen.

Rekrutiere den Sanitäter, um Seuchen schnell zu behandeln, entdecke Heilmittel schneller dank der Wissenschaftlerin oder stoppe die Ausbreitung von Infektionen mit der Quarantänespezialistin. Jede Rolle ergänzt sich mit den anderen und bietet so neue Strategien. Wähle dein Eliteteam aus sieben verfügbaren Charakterrollen.

• Solomodus: Rette die Menschheit mit 2 bis 5 Charakteren selbst!
• Trainingsmodus mit 4 Herausforderungen.
• Wähle dein Team aus 7 verschiedenen Rollen.
• 5 Schwierigkeitsstufen für Neulinge und alte Hasen.
• Immersives Thema, herausfordernde Mechaniken und endlose Wiederspielbarkeit. Jedes Spiel läuft anders!
• Eine Adaption des preisgekrönten Brettspiels.
• Bereit für mehr? Stelle dich 2 neuen aufregenden Herausforderungen aus der Erweiterung „Auf Messers Schneide“:
1. Auf Messers Schneide: Bösartiger Erregerstamm verbreitet einen neuartigen Virus in der Welt.
2. Auf Messers Schneide: Rollen und Ereignisse bietet neue Teamrollen und neue Ereignisse, um die Menschheit zu retten.

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Version 2.2.11

- Fixes on the Travel Ban bug.
- Adds a button to look at the board during the Forecast card selection.
- Outbreak animations are faster.
- Better order of the possible Move paths.
- Resilient Population card is now shown strike-through in the discard pile.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.7 von 5
2,988 Bewertungen

2,988 Bewertungen

Vampire-Jekyll ,

Hopeful for the Future

I've been reading some recent reviews that have panned the recent overhaul. It can be very frustrating when a game you love no longer works properly. Personally, I spent a good deal of time playing this when I purchased it years ago on my iPhone 6. Early this year, I upgraded to an iPhone 11 and was disappointed to see that the game no longer worked properly on my new device. I was even more dismayed when I realized it had been over a year since the last update.

Imagine my surprise when this new overhaul released to fix most of the issues I had been experiencing. I'm thankful the developers didn't leave new players high and dry, but I am disappointed to read that many players are now in the same boat as I was a few months ago. I imagine the development team is working hard to iron out all issues that have cropped up with reworking the game, and hopefully troubled players don't have much longer to wait.

With that said, I am also hopeful that we will see some new content in the future, perhaps the implementation of the purple diseases modules or other In the Lab / State of Emergency content. And of course, online play is a sorely missing feature that many would rejoice the inclusion of.

Jenyur ,

Fun but freezes a lot

I really like playing this game. I have the board game, but I don’t always have the time or space to set it up and can’t always get people to play with me. I was really excited to get this app version, so I could play quickly and on my own. (I love that I don’t have to play online with other people.).

I’m just really bummed because it freezes up a lot. Then you have to totally close the app and reopen it. If you are in the middle of a game, you are able to continue where you left off. (It actually takes you back to the end of the last player’s turn - which sometimes is nice because then you know what cards are coming in the infection (cheating).) But if you try to do the exact same actions as you were doing before it froze, it will freeze up again. This has cost me some outbreaks because I couldn’t go where I had planned to. It’s really frustrating! Even if you don’t mind having to change your moves, it’s super frustrating to keep getting kicked out of the game and having to reopen it. Sometimes it takes multiple times of closing & reopening before it will let you back in.

Overall, great game. Just wish it could be fixed so it won’t freeze up all the time. And also, sometimes it glitches where it won’t let you actually use the event card. (I’ve never gotten the Special Operations card you work.)

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hello Jenyur. We're sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties with the game. Could you please get in touch with us at, specifying your device and adding screenshots if necessary, so we can have a look at it and help you fix your issue? Thank you! Best regards, the Asmodee Digital Team.

stitifier ,

Update is terrible

I loved the heck out of this iOS port previously. It was fun, easy to get into, without a lot of bells and whistles. Now this update has ruined all of that. Why the change? Did I really need to see an animation of the Researcher twisting the knobs on a microscope? Did I really want to have to click on yet another confirmatory green check mark to say, yes, indeed, please place my government granted research facility in Mumbai? Did I really need to be walked through the dramatic text explaining everything in detail all the time?

In addition, the user interface is barely readable, and determining the color of city cards made nearly impossible for quick decisions. I only happen to know Khartoum is yellow because I've played the game so often; it sure isn't because the game makes it easy to tell on screen. The layout is cramped and crowded without adding more useful information. The previous one was clean and straightforward. The change is jarring and unpleasant.

The only downside I could see in the prior version of the game was that the game chewed through battery life like you would not believe. That definitely was not cool. But this version is barely playable in comparison. Note to developers: bring back the old version. That one was a 5 star game. This one is terrible and only gets 2 stars from me because the core game itself isn't the problem; it's the horrible execution.


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