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Alexandre Grobost

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Train your brain with sudoku, takuzu and futoshiki

Paper Games groups several newspaper puzzles for free. Come sharpen your brain with Sudoku , Takuzu and the classic Futoshiki! Our logic puzzles are aimed at a wide audience, from the youngest beginners to the greatest experts. The main objective? Provide you the best possible user experience by transforming the digital surface into a support as pleasant and fun as newspaper puzzle page.

Choose any level you like. Play easier levels to exercise your brain, logical thinking and memory, or try the hardest to give your mind a real workout.
Our classic puzzle game has some features that make game easier for you: hints, auto-check,.. You can use them or complete the challenge without help - it' up to you! What's more, every puzzle has just one correct solution.

Main features
• Unlimited undos. Made a mistake? Just put it back quickly!
• Pencil mode allows you to make assumptions
• The eraser allows you to correct an error
• Hints guide you throughout the game

Main parameters
• Limitation (or not) of the number of errors
• Error display in real time or at the end of the game only
• Highlighting a row and a column related to the selected cell
• Highlighting impossible combinations

• An infinity of well-formed puzzles
• Auto-save. If you leave a sudoku unfinished it will be saved.
• Four levels of difficulty perfectly balanced: easy, average, difficult and insane
• Support both phones and tablets
• Portrait and landscape mode for tablets
• Simple and intuitive design with several themes. Choose one of four appearances for a better playing comfort, even in the dark
• Ability to generate other puzzles on the fly


Version 1.9

Performance and stability improvements.

We hope you enjoy playing our game. We read all your reviews carefully to make the game even better for you. Feel free to rate the app to leave us some feedback why you love this game and what you'd like to improve.
Keep your brain sharp with Paper Brain!

Notes et avis

4,6 sur 5
61 notes

61 notes

Sychoo ,

ONE change needed.

While it would be nice to make the pencil marks go away when redundant (i.e. when I put in a 2 correctly, all “2” pencil marks in the row and column are automatically removed); there’s one thing this app desperately needs to fix. PLEASE move the “hint” button row further away from the number selection row. Put it on top even. It’s so frustrating going to enter an 8 or 9 and accidentally getting another number solved for me. Please.

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