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Augmentative and Alternative Communication for people with speech impediment

PAROL is a language and development application for iPad.
Easy to use and kid’s friendly, our AAC app offers specialized visual and audio tools wrapped into one, a library of pictures, instructions for daily tasks set in simple sequences of images, and the entire experience can be customized to fit the children particular needs.
PAROL can be used by the youngest and most speech delayed children with autism, trisomy 21, cerebral palsy, apraxia and development challenges.
We work in a collaborative development network (Speech and language pathologist, behavioural therapists, patient organisations, associations etc) to ensure that therapeutic update and knowledge are blended in the product line.

PAROL is a set of 7 modules:

. The « Com » module is intended for expression, learning and memorisation of the everyday words with the use of icons and images.
. The « Com+ » module help kids understand sentence structure visually and in an entertaining way by combining multiple pictograms or images.
. The « Basics » module with its small set of commonly used words supports the language learning.
. The « Emotion » module allows the expression of emotions and needs through simple interactive icons.
. The « Timer » module enables the execution of a timed task and programmed timers.
. The « Sequence » module helps create activity sequences with icons, images and timers.
. The « Dolor » module is dedicated to the expression and evaluation of pain.

Key features:

. Suitable : Upload your own images to create a familiar look and feel for the user.
. Ergonomic : An easy, ergonomic and intuitive usage.
. Multilingual : Creation and management of multilingual profiles and data.
. For Everyone : Conceptualised for children, their families and professionals.
. Shareable : Simply save, export or import all your data.
. Mobility : Works everywhere. No wifi connection needed.

Confidentialité de l’app

Le développeur, Les Applications C, Inc, n’a pas fourni de détails à Apple sur ses pratiques en matière de confidentialité et son traitement des données. Pour en savoir plus, consultez la politique de confidentialité du développeur.

Aucun détail fourni

Le développeur devra fournir les détails relatifs à la confidentialité lorsqu’il soumettra sa prochaine mise à jour.

Prend en charge

  • Partage familial

    Si vous avez activé le partage familial, vous pourrez partager cette app parmi six membres de votre famille.

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