Peanut App: Find Mom Friends Ratings and Reviews

4.4 out of 5
9.7K Ratings

9.7K Ratings

Kenya A. ,

In Search of Mom Friends

I'm a new mom, I had my baby girl in March 2022. While on maternity leave I enjoyed taking the baby for walks around the neighborhood, my favorite local cafe or sitting in the playground. I noticed I was a bit desperate to strike up a conversation with moms with new babies. I expressed my desire to make mom friends with a friend and she asked if I was on Peanut - My response was "should I be?" I downloaded the app at that moment and was excited at the potential of meeting fellow new moms in my neighborhood. Since joining, I've had a great experience. I've connected and messaged quite a few moms, I had a meet up and learned we have mutual friends, which was nice. I also connected with a mom, who is coincidentally married to my former co-worker - We're all hanging out this weekend. Not only have I been able to connect and meet moms, Peanut has also been a great resource of info for all things postpartum, baby milestones, health etc.

Building a community of moms isn't easy, so I'm happy I was able to utilize the app and meet a couple of great moms. I hope to continue to expand my community using the app and have been sure recommend the Peanut to any new mom I know.

Lastly, the app itself is cool. It’s intuitive and pretty easy to use. You can search for moms in your local area, start or join groups based on your interests, and post questions you may have about literally anything; with the expectation that supportive moms/women will answer.

cestmoirose ,

Something Just For Us 🙌

Saw this app on tiktok while pregnant and going through a hard time alone. Downloaded the app and was skeptical at first because of the sign up process until I realized it was a security procedure that helps filter out anyone who isn’t a mom or woman. I see lots of negative reviews about having to pay, but I’ve been using the free version and have access to everything on the app. I can still easily connect with other moms, join and engage in groups, create/listen in on pods, etc. There’s so many groups and communities to be part of pertaining to our location/interests and women from EVERYWHERE on here with more love and support than the few rotten apples you’d find on any app. Where you see it, you’d also see us standing up for one another, too. It’s neat to experience different cultures, lifestyles, and ways of parenting and my favorite thing is jumping on pods to talk with other moms and women from all over. I’ve been developing healthy relationships with those on similar journeys and with different backgrounds thanks to this platform. When my own family/friends weren’t there, the women on peanut have shown up for me through the lowest season of my life and I’m thankful for them. A group of moms in my area are getting together this week and I’m excited for it! It’s nice to be in an environment with others who get it. Glad to see they’ve made something just for us. 🙌

Cute.Witch ,

Nothing Wrong, But Nothing Great...

Because this is its own social network and not integrated into an already existing social network, the amount of people is limited. Hopefully this app being advertised on the front page of the App Store today will help with that.

I’m sure there are a few people who have found real life connections on here, but I have not. Lots of people to chat with online, but when you want to meet up it’s a no go. It seems like we’re in a part of the electronic age where people are obsessed with their phones and don’t actually want to meet in person. Their whole lives are virtual now and they’re not okay with fixing the addiction.

The app itself is very well made, everything works well. There is an Incognito button if you’re too embarrassed to say something or ask a question and have it show your name. There is also a block button because unfortunately mom’s can be insane and mean too. Matching up to chat is somewhat like the Tinder setup with swiping and two people swiping each other gives you a Match. No bugs at all so far and I’ve been using it for a month. So, 4/5 stars because the app does what it’s supposed to, it’s just the majority of users aren’t interested in using it to find real life friends like it’s supposed to be used for.

MariaAlejandra94 ,

Best Mama App!

Being a new mother and making friends is extremely hard. I downloaded this app last year, right before the pandemic hit. I originally download it because I wanted to find local Mother's who I could have playdates with. Then I found myself pregnant again and with an almost four-month old, I just wanted to talk to someone who weren't my husband or mother. I wanted to find other Mother’s who were going though the same thing as me and could relate. At first it was hard to talk to people but I got out of my comfort zone and then the matches started coming in. I’ve spoken to so many strong women around the world. Peanut just got a new update not that long ago, that lets you join group chats called “PODS” and it’s amazing! You're able to even form your own group chats and even FaceTime your matched friends just incase you want to make sure it's the person you're talking to. This is coming from a paranoid mama and it's been such an amazing experience. There’s so many different types of Mama's on this app and the conversations are always good. If you want to connect with different types of Mama's around the world who know exactly what you’re going through, this app is for you. Ever since I downloaded this app, Motherhood has gotten a little easier with all the advice that I’ve gotten. I’ve even made some amazing friends who will be friends for life.

Lusiej ,

Safe space for moms

After having my first baby, I experienced feelings of isolation and loneliness. It seemed like I was constantly doubting myself, wondering if I was doing everything wrong. Desiring connection with fellow moms facing similar challenges, I took a leap and downloaded the app after coming across a link on Instagram. Since then, I've found a community of supportive individuals who understand what I'm going through. It's been a two-way street of receiving and offering support to other moms, and it has truly made a difference in my journey.
The Peanut app is a social networking platform designed to connect mothers, to share experiences, advice, and support. It provides a safe space for mothers to discuss various topics such as motherhood, relationships, wellness, and more. You can create profiles, join communities based on interests or location, and participate in group chats or one-on-one conversations. The app also features events and meetups for users to interact offline. Overall, it aims to foster meaningful connections and provide a supportive community for women navigating various aspects of their lives.
Throughout my journey with Peanut, I am confident and proud of myself. The support i’m receiving in this platform is amazing. I give this app 5 stars because of all the amazing people I met and the support i’m getting, it is also user friendly.

Autumn from Sweet Peas ,

A fantastic way to connect, safely!

Peanut is a great way for women to connect, safely! As a postpartum doula, I often tell my clients women were never meant to do everything alone. With Peanut, you can find people who are going through situations similar to your own, and simply having that like-minded connection can make anything more navigable. Those you connect with can offer support, advice, and companionship during big life-phases such as childbirth, motherhood, and menopause. A huge positive for me is that Peanut verifies their users are real women, and advertising isn’t allowed. This alone makes Peanut’s user experience so much better than Facebook, Instagram, or other similar social media apps. There’s no bullying or invalidating here!
In the app, you have several different ways to connect; you can post and comment, join groups, message one another, listen in or talk to others during live conversations in a pod, or simply “wave” to say hello to people who you’d like to get to know better.
If you are a woman who is going through fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, motherhood, or menopause, and you’d like a safe, friendly social media option to connect to other women in your shoes, this app is for you! It’s free, and it’s easy. We were never meant to do any of these things alone. Sign up and join in on the Peanut App!

Tink🧚🏽‍♀️ ,

Pleasure for Peanut

During my pregnancy My cousins wife told me about this app. I’ll have to be honest I was a little skeptical at first . The thought of talking to a complete stranger terrified me. I ended up deleting the app . I later redownload it remind myself that I didn’t want to block my blessings . It was very interesting to see all the connections I was making . I was excited to meet her mamas , learn their stories & their purpose for having this app . Now , honestly we are all on this app whether that’s to make genuine connections , need advice , play dates & etc . WE KNOW THIS !!! There were many times were I felt the connections were hit or miss . Other times I’d have great conversions with mamas & then we don’t speak anymore . The way I see it I am grateful for all the mamas I’ve met through peanut . We were placed on my path for a reason . I love that this app offers the opportunity to earn badges , join or create live pod cast ,video chat & so much more. Another great feature is that it offers me the opportunity to meet other moms if I'm traveling. For example : If im in NY the app will pull up potential connections in the surrounding area . I will definitely be keeping this app & i encourage other women to get out of their comfort zone & try it too . 😊

KellyKell2019 ,

Glitches & Updates Negatively Impacting App

I downloaded this app and joined the Peanut community in 2019, and initially really enjoyed the app. It has allowed me to meet a few mom friends that I shared similar interests with. However, as of recently I have become very frustrated with the app interface, overall performance, and updates. I am very frustrated by 2 particular updates that were recently made. One of the updates prevents users from uploading additional photos. Additionally, when you upload new photos they no longer appear on your profile - I believe this is a glitch. Developers please fix this! The second update that has changed the app in a negative way, is the “expiration” feature that was implemented. It causes your conversations expire within 24 hours, if the person you’re attempting to connect with doesn’t reply within that timeframe. We are mothers…our lives are busy…some of us don’t always remember or have time to write back within a 24 hour period. Imposing this feature can negatively impact a mom’s ability to connect with some really great potential friends. The developers clearly adopted this feature from Bumble and it’s very pointless for their target market.

**Developers Please Fix the Photo Glitch! When users attempt to upload new photos, they are no longer appearing on our profiles.**

Developer Response ,

Hey, thanks for your feedback. This feature helps to encourage making connections on Peanut faster. Not to worry, your connection will still be there after the 24 hours passes and you can continue chatting! We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with photos, this doesn't sound like the intended behavior. Please can you send an email to so we can investigate? 🕵️‍♀️

hannuhbanana18 ,

This app has been a lifesaver!!

I usually don’t do reviews for apps but I love this app so much I just had to! I have been a stay-at-home mom since my daughter was born in 2019. I never had any mom friends and then when COVID hit, I found felt even more isolated and lonely. I knew there had to be some way to meet mom friends in my area. I literally searched “mom friends” in the App Store and that’s when I discovered Peanut! I downloaded the app and right away connected with several moms in my area with kids the same age as my daughter! I was ecstatic to have found such an awesome way to connect with other moms living so close to me with similar interests. Since joining, I have set up play-dates at the park with some of the moms and my daughter always has so much fun. It was a nice to get out of the house too. Fast-forward to now, I have two girls now and still enjoy the app and meeting moms with similar interests in my area. I notice there are new moms joining the app all the time. Having the support from other women in the same stages of motherhood is such a blessing. I love this app so much and definitely recommend it to any mom who is looking for a safe space to connect with other moms! ❤️

Developer Response ,

Thank you for sharing your story with us! You've made our day! ❤️

starrynighttt87 ,

App has become ghetto/ incognito needs to be removed

I loved the app initially as I was finding like minds and was able to get answers to questions regarding my little ones growth during pregnancy. It felt safe for a bit and I used to look forward to getting on the app being a SAHM mom can get lonely. Lately people are really pushing their right to choose if they want an abortion which is totally fine but what made me sick and made me delete the app is when women post pics of their passed fetus blood clot on a pad from their choice of medical management (new term for abortion) and are looking for women to confirm it was a success. I’m currently pregnant and it was horrible to see that image. People abuse the incognito function and say nasty things about one another for bullying purposes, perverted content and just flat out wanting to start dram. Also this app doesn’t filter images of women putting their exposed bodies up looking to hook up. There should be an option to remove it from your feed or “opt out” “ not relevant “ like other sites do. I don’t like being forced to see things like that when they don’t pertain to who I am and what I’m looking for in female friendships. Overall the app has gotten super GHETTO and I have no interest anymore. I would give it one star but some women were actually helpful at the beginning so I won’t discredit that.

Developer Response ,

Hey! We are so sorry you had to have this experience! If you ever come across any content that breaches our Community Guidelines, please report it in-app and we will investigate asap. 🙅‍♀️