Perfect Putt 360 is an addictive putting practice tool that will have you tournament ready in no time!

In a tournament, every putt counts and with PP 360 it's no different. Train your brain to better handle pressure putts by repeatedly simulating those putts throughout the game. PP 360 places an emphasis on the first and last putts made at each mark, as well as a bonus for making all ten putts. If you are looking for a way to get your game tournament ready, Perfect Putt 360 is it!

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Almost great

This is a good, fun putting practice app. Makes getting out there fun, practical, and challenging. I recommend this app to anyone who enjoys disc golf.

Having said that, the app needs some improvements:

1. The ability to delete profiles.

2. The ability to delete rounds (example: first thing I did was score a test round to see how the scoring worked; but then I couldn’t delete it and it affected all the stats.)

3. Why can’t it track stats for different profiles? What then is the point of different profiles? I want to make profiles to track my progress for different putting styles.

4. I started a round and wanted to cancel or back out to the main menu, but that’s not an option. The only way out is through, or else completely close and and reopen the app.

5. Is it possible to have multiplayer? And track stats of players individually?

Numbers 1-4 are must-haves for this to be 4 stars; #5 would bump it to 5 stars.

Again, this is a useful app and worth the $0.99. You should pick it up and support folks growing the sport like this.

Lvl 19

Super barebones

I’m all for supporting the disc golf community, and that is why I bought this. BUT you can just do what this is doing on a piece of paper. It is so barebones, and it looks like they haven’t worked on this app for 2 years... if it was a bad app but work was being done on it, I’d give it a pass but 2 years since the last update means they are just relying on altruistic disc golfers.. Sounds bad already, but I haven’t gotten into why it is barebones.
1) you can set up mutiple profiles, but it will only keep stats on the first profile.
2) You cannot even delete profiles or edit profile names.
2) once you start a session, you can’t get out of it. If you get out of it, then too bad your stats get saved with all those 0s.
Anyway seems like a bad look for the disc golf community. Just have a sour feeling that it’s 3 dollars for a pen and paper app that hasn’t been worked on for 2 years. I haven’t even mentioned the bugs...


Great app, needs a lot of updates

This app is addicting in every way. It WILL make you a better putter. From shorter distances and long ones. This app however needs MANY updates. Please please update this app. It has been years since it has been updated I believe. A couple of examples. 1) when you leave the app, it deletes your scorecard, which is awful and doesn’t save it. It should be able to stay saved so you don’t have to start over again. 2) You can’t delete past rounds/games. I want to do that, but it’s not possible. Please add all the needed updates soon. Great app, but needs major work that I hope it in the works.

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