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Tiny Animals will introduce your child to animals from all around the globe. Play games with them and learn about their diets, habitats, and voices.

Tiny Animals is a colorful and captivating educational app for children. It introduces children to the animal kingdom through three themed locations: the farm, the forest, and Africa. It explains the special aspects of different animals' lives and their diets, and teaches children to tell apart the voices of animals living within each of the three ecosystems. After having studied all animals, kids can test their knowledge in several different ways, including speed games and quizzes. Efforts are rewarded with beautiful butterflies. Can you collect enough butterflies to fill an entire meadow of wildflowers? Do you like to play hide-and-seek? It's a lot more fun when you play with animals! Find every single one, but watch out: they are extremely good at disguising themselves.
Tiny Animals is full of stunning graphics, lifelike animal sounds, entertaining animations, and exciting special effects. This app rightfully belongs in the 0+ category: it is colorful, the rules are simple, and the interface is intuitive.
For older children who are interested in the animal world, the app will offer new discoveries. Indeed, even adults do not always know what a wolf's den, a bear's lair, or an eagle's nest looks like; what a hippo's or panda's diet is made up of; how turkeys talk, or what noises rabbits make.
Built by parents with love and care.
35 animals in three habitats: the forest, Africa, and the farm
Four playing modes: catalog mode, hide and seek, timed play, and quiz
• life like animal sounds
• professionally created background music
• sound recorded in-studio
• original artwork
• fun animations and pleasant surprises at the end of each game
• intuitive interface
• an opportunity to build a collection of live butterflies
• approved by independent child psychologists
With the Tiny Animals educational app, your child will pass the time by learning. Your child will learn many new facts about animals while playing hide-and-seek with them, feeding them their favorite foods, and finding their homes. The app is full of interactive features and allows users to build a butterfly collection.
The app's four playing modes will capture the interest of a child of any age for a long time:
• catalog mode for learning facts about animals
• game of hide-and-seek in the forest, at the farm, or in Africa
• speed play: find animals' homes
• quiz: match animals with their voices and the foods they eat
Users catch beautiful butterflies and fill up their collections in reward for successfully completing each game.


Version 1.1

We addressed some minor issues in order to improve the user experience. Thanks for playing!

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