We believe that even the simplest tasks can be made even simpler and more pleasant. For a long time we wanted to make a text app that can help hasty people stay organised without compromising their speed and efficiency.

Today, our answer is Phase.

With Phase we are refurbishing the way you generate simple text files. There shall be no more disorganisation, scattering of text files across your desktop, or bothersome search for 'the right place' to save them in.

Phase redefines your work with simple text files, while still appearing familiar and allowing you to focus on the text.

Those are the 10 main features of Phase:

1. Simplicity — the purpose is ridiculously straightforward, just like the appearance and usage of Phase.

2. Speed — no directories search, thanks to default directory that you set up at the beginning of the app, makes life significantly easier.

3. Customized templates — marvelously groundbreaking ability to create your own custom templates for simple texts. Bam! Did you expect that?

4. Organization — since everything remains in one directory, there are no files scattered across your Mac; even the most irrelevant files.

5. Elasticity — you can use Phase for any kind of text editing, including an ephemeral message that you wanted to safely write on the side without the fear of being sent unintentionally or a crucial excerpt of an article that you would like to keep for longer.

6. Mac-style beauty — the interface is stunningly simple and it allows you to concentrate on the text without bombarding you with all possible text editing possibilities. Especially at 3:45am.

7. Uniqueness — randomization of background colors in the list of templates may inspire you in ways you never expected before. Moreover, the colorful icons are just. So. Cool.

8. Personalization — Phase provides you with easily accessible tools to customize your text like suggested colors to highlight the important part of the text.

9. All access — still maintains access to various text editing tools you know from other apps. For instance, need to access all colors or fonts? Access them in the font menu, right click away, and voilà!

10. Stunning Icon - Go ahead and marvel at that classy 9-degree angling made especially for the Mac.

If you are hesitating, here is a challenge. With any app of your choice, try writing and saving as a text file: “Hello World!”

How did it go? If you have managed to do it under 10 seconds, bravo, you win! If not, you loose. I bet you are asking how is it possible. The answer is: Phase! :)

Now imagine, that you need to start those notes with our "Hello World!" every time you write them. Yep, Phase has you coverd here as well!

Finally Phase is created with love by students of the University of Melbourne and Loyola University Chicago.


Maciej Necki
4.9 MB

macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor



Age Rating
Rated 4+
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