Meet PiggyBot®

The only parent-designed, kid-tested allowance app that helps kids spend, share, and save smart. PiggyBot is a fun, easy way to track allowance spending and saving. No missed allowance, no forgetting IOUs, just money smarts turned fun!

Instead of cash, your kids have a virtual balance with you. Think of it as an IOU. Each child will have separate Spend-It, Share-It, and Save-It accounts. You decide how to allocate their allowance.

Kids can set goals, take pictures of things they want, share money, and more. When they save enough, we call them a "Goal Getter!" And there’s a fun screen to show off the items they purchased, reinforcing principles of saving for wants, needs, and nice-to-haves. It’s a virtual piggy bank that pays off in real life!

This free app is just one way we give families the tools you need to talk about smart spending, smart sharing, and smart saving. PiggyBot is brought to you by Kasasa® – free checking accounts that reward you. Not available at big banks. For good reason.

It’s never too early for smart money management. Download PiggyBot today!

Note: We recommend setting up PiggyBot on your device to encourage spending, sharing and saving discussions between you and your child(ren). Then you'll always have PiggyBot close at hand!


Versie 1.3

Thanks for using PiggyBot®! If your family loves it, please leave a review, it would mean a lot to us!

New in version 1.3:

- PiggyBot now plays nicely with iOS 11.

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101 beoordelingen

101 beoordelingen

Eyjb ,

Love, but glitchy

We love this app. It’s perfect for my five and eight-year-old to keep track of the chores that they’ve done and the goals that they’re working toward. It’s by far the best app for a straightforward and simple way to track allowance and chores, savings and giving. But, I keep finding glitches that I wish would be fixed so that we can keep enjoying this app. Most recently it deleted a whole days worth of recording: recording new chores, and credit for money being earned. Please fix. This is the best chore tracking we’ve found.

The Queen 3 ,

App is fantastic - Mom of 3, used app for 5 years

I’m a mom of three active kids. Started using this when my oldest entered 9th grade, middle in 6th grade and little one in third. The app is graphically fun for them, and teaches them how to think of their money. Swiping their money (allowance or otherwise earned) was always fun for them. They would upload pictures of things they were saving for and the app shows them how much progress they’ve made towards their goal. I like being able to see each of the transactions that has gone into the account - when my kids say they haven’t been paid I can show them they had been paid! It’s like a low key Venmo between you and your kids. If they want a souvenir on a trip that we think is ‘extra’ they will just say ‘Take it out of my piggy bot’. My oldest is now going to be a sophomore in college and she still has her buckets - spend, share, save. Love this app. It’s really helped me manage allowances and other stuff and taught my kids about saving (40%) and spending (50%) and sharing (10%) - (these are the %’s I set up for my kids allowance but you can do whatever you want in the app)

kwb8 ,

Perfect replacement for hard cash!

I love this app for keeping a record of my kids’ finances! Often they want to do chores to earn money but I don’t always have the right kind of cash to pay them. And since we have our kids divide their money into three categories (10% charitable donation, 45% savings, 45% spending), it gets especially tricky to have appropriate cash on hand and then to keep it all stored in the right categories for each kid. This app allows me to create a separate “account” for each kid and then “pay” them. (No actual money is involved, so it’s really more like a record keeper.) And it already includes default categories of share/save/spend so we can divide the money correctly. When the time comes for them to buy something or donate money, I simply pay for it and deduct the amount from their PiggyBot.


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