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-= PiPY lets you play YouTube videos in Picture-in-Picture mode =-

Picture-in-Picture is one of the most amazing features of iOS 15+ on iPhone and iPadOS 15+ on iPad. PiP displays a small video widow that stays on top of the screen and is open at all times. If you switch apps, the video window doesn’t get buried under everything else on your screen.

PiPY Safari extension feature:

- Enable PiP for every website (not just YouTube)

PiPY Safari content blocker feature:

- Block ads for YouTube (can't skip ads)

PiPY app features:

- PiP floating player for YouTube
- HTML video fullscreen with system video player controls
- Default video quality settings on Wi-Fi
- Default video quality settings on mobile network or on Wi-Fi
- Default speed
- Repeat one video

PiPY app Pro features:

- Block ads, skip video ads
- Hide shorts
- Hide upcoming

ما الجديد

الإصدار 3.0

- Change app name
- Add Safari content blocker
- New app for YouTube

Paid before version 3.0 will become pro, please tap the restore purchases button to take effect.

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pedstrom ،

YouTube sorta works.

Seems like it works only if you have watched the ads and waited for the the video to start. I thought it didn’t work at all as I was trying to send the paused video over to it. Frustrating first-time-experience.

mishte ،


I relied on PIP until I lost it suddenly (iPad Air, iOS 11.3 - not sure if the upgrade had something to do with it or not).

This app was up and running in less than a minute after I got it. Instructions clear and simple (the images accompanying each step of the instructions helped a lot). I could not be happier. I hope you get many, many users. Thank you so much. m

burnsac100 ،

Background playback support

Hello can you please add a feature in which one can turn on background playback so the video stays playing when exiting the app? I don’t like auto pip and would like to not have to click play in the control center when leaving the app. Please and thank you!

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