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Create beyond limits!

Maximize video calls on your computer and smartphone with Auto Tracking. Bring Auto Tracking to your favorite social media channels to move and groove while you go live.

- Key Features -


Stream your smartphone screen to your computer to have Pivo follow you when you are screen sharing via Zoom, Google Meet, and other video conferencing apps.


Connect Pivo's Face Tracking to other apps on your phone. Go live on Instagram with Face Tracking, or have your Pivo track you within Zoom, Google Meet, or TikTok.


Call directly within the Pivo Cast app with access to all Auto Tracking modes and features for the ultimate video calling experience.


バージョン 3.0.7

This update includes stability improvements.





So much potential

I took a dressage lesson on my horse using Pivo Meet “call”.

It worked well but it would have been nice if I could have recorded a video of the lesson (ie functionality of Pivo Pod app.

I tried to use my phones screen recording function but that was a FAIL. Horse had the tracking red square on it and it’s window was really smal


Hey Lighthearted88! Thank you for the feedback! If you have any questions or require any assistance, please reach out to us at support@getpivo.com We want to help! Hope to hear from you soon 😊


Good idea, but...

As a dance teacher looking for a tech solution for teaching intermittent classes virtually, I bought the pivo pod. It’s excellent for what it does.

However, this pivo Meet app is marketed as a replacement for zoom, google meet, FaceTime, etc - yet it only allows 1-1 calling. All the applications it claims to be able to replace are quite regularly used for multiple people to interface, and the one on one only option renders this mostly useless for anything other than chatting with your mom while cooking.

If it allowed multiple users on a group call, it was solve the problems of nearly every dance teacher in the world right now. As it is... I had to resort to Twitch (which is less than ideal) on short notice, and am still struggling to figure out what to try next.

The trouble with live streaming through reatream, is that it’s extremely limited on platforms, and has been very laggy for me. Additionally, it’s a rather pricy subscription if you want to connect zoom, which is also pricy (comparative to the fact that it costs more than Netflix and I both use and enjoy it much less).

No, if pivo actually wanted to provide users with real options for utilizing their device, it would allow this app to stream over data and to multiple people in a group. Instead, I’m not using my pivo pod as often as I would like, and it seems like a very clever idea, just supported very badly, with no real concern for the practicality for its customers.


Waiting for Recording feature

My dressage coach lives out of state; and I use Pivo Cast biweekly for our lessons. The horse tracking function seems to work fairly consistently. It does get ‘lost’ occasionally if I ride too close to the camera. I would definitely give this app 5 ⭐️ if they can figure out how to add a record function to the call feature. My current work around strategy is to do a screen record on my iPhone. The only problem is that it will not record the audio when I have my Bluetooth headphones connected! Pivo, if you’re listening please consider developing this function. It will make a WORLD of difference to equestrians everywhere!


Hey AEPha! Thank you for your feedback. We want to assure you that we're always looking for ways to improve your experience with your Pivo 😁 Don't forget to check out our horse riding community on Facebook to share your feedback!


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