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Develop Emotional Intelligence with your partner for a happier longer lasting union.

PlusLess, The Couple Harmonizer App helps couples develop emotional intelligence with their partner for a longer, happier, lasting union.

PlusLess implements gamification strategies to bring couple psychology theories to our digital reality, in a playful way.

Login with your Gmail account or Facebook account. Connect with your partner and start the games.

Play the Love Tank Game. What makes your Love Tank grow? Send appreciation to your partner. Express your emotional needs and their level of satisfaction, send love points from -10 to +10. Send an emotion, send a drawing or a handwriting note to your partner. Open a chat interface to talk with your partner about your Love Points.

Play the Question Tank Game. How well do you know your partner? Answer questions about your partner and let your partner evaluate your answers. Open a chat interface related to each questions for more details.

Search, Connect and chat with your Couple Friends to create social support. Check their Love Tank balance and Question Tank balance.

Discover your inner dynamics and the ones of your partner in the Emotional Profile. Take the psychological questionnaires to discover your Love Languages, Emotional Wounds, Channel of Communication and Personality Types you use in priorities. Open a Chat interface related to the Emotional Profile.

Search in the Directory of Couple Experts for therapists, wedding planners and more near you to help you with your Couple Life Project. Open a Chat interface recommend an Expert to your partner.

Manage your present and past relationships, add partners, break up or mend a relationship.

Stay informed anytime of your partner’s interactions with the notification system.


Version 1.23.2

Fixed bugs
Graphic design improvments
New: Google login
New: Discover the app with PlusLess TestBot
New: Blocking users and couples system
New: Reporting and deleting content system

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5,0 sur 5
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1 note

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