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Pluto Trigger(Bluetooth hardware device, purchase separately) is a high-speed and smart camera trigger. It is controlled by smartphone app over Bluetooth, and features remote shooting, timelapse, HDR, video recording, lightning photography, sound/light/laser high-speed trigger, infrared camera trap, smile/motion/vibration smart trigger, droplet collision photography and more, totally 24 modes.

It has IR remote control capability, which let it support a lot more cameras (not just DSLRs). It is also a selfie remote for your iPhone camera(Pluto Camera App).

The app also has the capability of calculating the DOF, ND filter shutter speed, 500 Rule and Sunrise/Sunset Time.

Compatible Devices: iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 5 or later.


- Shutter Release: Single, Focus, Hold, Lock, Bulb, Burst, Timer
- Timelapse: Start-Delay, Presets, Bulb-Ramping, End Notification
- HDR: up to 19 HDR images
- Star-trail: multiple long exposure images
- Video: recording video without 30 minutes limit
- Timer: Take photos/video during certain period each day, infrastructure construction, plants

Pluto Sensors
- Laser: Delay of only tens of microseconds, Shutter/Flash method
- Sound: 1ms fast response, Explosions, Popping balloons, Shutter/Flash method
- Light: High/Low trigger
- Lightning: Detect lightning strikes, Adjustable sensitivity
- PIR: Wildlife, passerby, wave hand to shoot
- Droplet: Water drop collision(External Valve Kit required)
- Aux: DIY sensors, e.g. Ultrasound sensor
- Fusion: Sensor combination

Smart Sensors
- Sound Trigger: High-speed, Pre-focus
- Vibrate or Shake
- Motion Detection: Zoom, Front/back Camera, Sensitivity
- Distance: GPS trigger
- Voice Command: Say “Pluto”
- Smile Detection: Selfie

- Depth of Field Calculator: DOF, Hyper Focal Distance
- Neutral Density Filter Calculator: Exposure time with ND Filter
- Solar Calculator: Sunrise and Sunset, Civil Twilight, Count down
- Star-scape Rule: Rule 500 for trail-free star sky photos

If you have any question, refer to the User Manual and FAQ in app’s settings Menu.
If you want to buy a Pluto Trigger or need more information, visit:


Version 1.21

Bug fixed on iOS 14

Notes et avis

3,1 sur 5
17 notes

17 notes

Jsjames2285 ,

EOS-R support?

I'm not seeing the Canon EOS-R in the list of camera options in the app. Will you be adding that soon?

Genedog1934 ,

Great App but a little confusing to figure out at first

There’s a ton of features packed in, but it’s a little confusing for a first time user.

For example:

The Time Lapse function is what you want to use for most intervalometer functions.

The Timer function (not to be confused with the ‘timer’ sub selection under the Shutter Release function) is a scheduler based on military time - it’s not a countdown, it’s more like an intervalometer that you can schedule - much like you would an alarm.

The timer sub-selection under Shutter Release function is a conventional countdown that triggers the shutter.

Complexity aside, the app is what sold me on the Pluto trigger. I downloaded it before purchasing the unit to check it out. This interface is what a remote trigger should be in this day and age. This product is best in class for sure.

Yorker100 ,

Quite good remote trigger

I have found the Pluto trigger to be very helpful in taking photographs that require a remote trigger whether it’s time lapse or just a bulb photo. One thing that would make a tremendous improvement for me would be if it could be initiated with an Apple Watch. The instructions could be more clear and detailed but if you spend some time with it and experiment you can figure most of it out.

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