Plutocalc is the most complete and popular problem solver suite for water treatment, wastewater, hydraulics, environmental chemistry and unit conversions.

Plutocalc+ is a premium version of the free Plutocalc packed some extras. For iOS, only the premium version is available.

- 102 solvers
- 2575+ different calculations
- Internal databases for chemicals and standards
- Results as you type, nothing is faster than that!
- Multiple languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish
- Available for multiple platforms
- 100% offline, no data connection required
- Advertisement free

NOTE: If after the update the program loads to a blank screen, just reinstall to fix.

Solver list:

- Angle
- Area
- Conductivity and resistivity
- Density and concentration
- Energy
- Flow - mass
- Flow - volumetric
- Flux and rates
- Forces
- Hardness in water
- Length
- Mass
- Power
- Pressure
- Speed
- Temperature
- Time
- Volume

- Buffer tank capacity
- Cylinder volume
- Cone volume
- Cube volume
- Circle properties (radius, diameter, perimeter and area)
- Horizontal cylindrical tank volume
- Triangle properties with sides/angles determination
- Municipal plants flow estimation
- Nominal pipe sizes and wall thickness
- Sieve sizes according
- Rainfall volume

Energy and power
- Head loss in pipes
- Open channels or partially filled pipes
- Orifice plates with incompressible fluids
- Parshall flumes flow measurement
- Rectangular flumes flow measurement
- Flow adjustment for dosing/metering pumps
- Pump power and energy consumption
- Blowers and compressors power and energy consumption
- Mixing velocity gradient
- Reynolds number and speed

- Boiler water quality and blowdown
- Periodic table of elements with oxidation states
- Ionic Balance and Conductivity
- CO2 conductivity in pure water
- TOC, COD and KMnO4 relations
- Langlier Saturation Index - LSI
- Ryznar Stability Index - RSI
- Silt Density Index - SDI
- Modified Fouling Index - MFI
- Sludge Volume Index - SVI

- Chemical dosing flow, mass and concentrations
- Dry chemical dosing flow
- Chemical solutions density database
- Water properties (viscosity, density)
- Gases properties (density and molecular weight)
- Oxygen solubility in water
- Multiple streams blending
- Specific gravity, Baumé, Brix and API relations

Adsorption and Ion Exchange
- Sorption/Exchange capacity
- Empty Bed Contact Time and BV/h
- Ion Exchange regeneration
- Ion Exchange softener design

Filters and membranes (Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration and Nanofiltration)
- Cylindrical filter rate and speed
- Microfiltration / Ultrafiltration comparison and normalization
- Reverse Osmosis membranes and datasheets comparison
- Reverse Osmosis plant normalization and performance comparison
- Reverse Osmosis / NF skid design
- Recovery
- Recovery for membranes in series
- Normalized permeability
- Granular media head loss (sand, resins, anthracite, carbon and custom)
- Granular media backwash expansion rate

- pH equilibrium for: Ammonia, Sulfates, Boric Acid, Sulfides, Silicic Acid, Phosphates and Nitrous Acid
- Equilibrium for Carbonates with temperature dependence
- Disinfection with Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chloramines and Ozone
- Disinfection with Chlorine for Giardia Cysts
- Disinfection with UV
- Iron oxidation and precipitation
- Manganese oxidation and precipitation
- Sludge from chemicals
- Food-to-microorganisms ratio - F/M
- Ultimate BOD

- Surface loading rate - circular
- Surface loading rate - rectangular
- Hydraulic retention time - HRT
- Solids retention time - SRT
- Solids loading rate
- Volumetric solids loading rate
- Return activated sludge recycle - RAS
- Discrete sedimentation
- Sludge concentration and mass
- Sludge age

- Ordinary annuity
- Annuity due
- Compound annual growth rate - CAGR
- Interest rate conversions
- Simple interest

What’s New

Version 12.1

Version 12.1
- Improved energy conversions module
Version 12.0.6
- Fixed status bar color
Version 12.0
- Improved power conversions
- Announcements feature for letting the users know about critical updates
- Improved iOS native platform support

Ratings and Reviews

4.0 out of 5
1 Rating

1 Rating


Daniel Peig
3.4 MB

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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