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Pocket GM gives you the opportunity to run your very own American Football franchise. You take control of everything from hiring your Head Coach, managing your Roster, making Trades and Drafting new talent. Once you've done your job, sit back and watch each game play out on Gameday.

See your players develop and set records, or release them as they don't live up to expectations. Go all in to win, or tank for the #1 draft pick - it's up to you! Build your Football Dynasty!

- Player Faces - Created by ddraw from www.freepik.com
- Football Icons - Made by Nikita Golubev from www.flaticon.com

What’s New

Version 1.2.6

V1.2.6 - Bug fix to stop a crash when adding picks to trades, particularly in the Draft. Also added team name next to drafted players and increased trade value of players on rookie contracts.

LAST MAJOR UPDATE - V1.2.5 - A load more changes you requested to make this game more immersive, realistic and user friendly. Plus some pesky bugs are gone. Detail below.

Team Colors:
- Team colors now flow through the entire app, improving immersion.

All Players Screen:
- Single place to search and filter players. Much requested so hope you like!
- Ability to search by name, or filter age, salary expectations, rating, position, team

Later Year Slowdown:
- Made an attempt to speed up gameplay in longer franchises

Match Engine
- Improved game management logic further, preventing clock running down at end of quarter unnecessarily
- Introduced 3rd cornerback into matches, for added realism
- Prevented clock from running over 60 minutes
- Rebalanced sacks, so better teams should see higher sack rate
- Fixed bug causing a crash when teams went for long field goals

As always, keep the feedback coming via PocketGM subreddit.

Ratings and Reviews

4.5 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

Ry98765 ,

Love this game!

It’s definitely a 5 star game for all the things that are put into it, considering that there’s really no there GM games like this on the App Store. Thanks for upgrading the drafting part of the game, that was amazing! One thing that might need to be tweaked is the Trade Value system, some players have a negative value so if you want to trade for a superstar you can add terrible players from their team to the deal to make it easier to trade for a super star and then cut them after the trade. And future draft picks having a much lower value makes way too easy to trade this years late round picks for early picks in next years draft. Also, it would be fun if you can easier to sign played by giving them lots of guaranteed(bonus) money, but then you can’t trade or cut them without taking on a huge cap hit, Bc rn I can sign guys and give them no bonus money so everyone on my team can easily be traded or cut at any time, if you’d make it so they have certain guaranteed(bonus) money demands, that’d be cool. Also, like another review said, adding personalities, player morale, giving coaches more importance to the outcome of games and development of players and other things like that, but i really really Iove what you’ve done in making a fun GM game, thank you so much!!!!

Developer Response ,

Thanks for the great words and feedback. I’m planning on revamping the trade system in the near future and will do my best to incorporate your suggestions. Stay safe!

robertmcc1470 ,

Great game, some recommendations

Everything I’m looking for in a gm style game. Would make it better if you could manually scout prospects, add some hidden gems, busts, etc. Also adding things like player personalities.. ie a loyal player will ask for less salary, a tough player who won’t get injured, clutch players, leadership attributes etc. also would be cool to have a morale system, as well as an upgrade for your coach because as far as I can tell they’re all the same except for offensive and defensive schemes. Also an idea would be to be able to upgrade your abilities, such as coaching ability, making your players develop faster. Negotiating skill, ability to keep a positive atmosphere, more tactics and other things. Also, ability to turn injuries off, change the salary cap, and maybe add random off field events to give your players more life because right now they seem just like an age and a rating that’s it. One thing I also do not understand is how the contracts work.. the bonus and salary appear to have the same effect on the salary cap for the duration of the contract while the bonus should just affect the cap the year the contract is signed while the salary is the yearly cap hit after that. Just some thoughts. Amazing game however so close to being perfect. Thank you!

Developer Response ,

Hi Robert, thanks so much for the fantastic feedback. A lot of great ideas there, which I’ll add to my backlog! Player personalities and coach depth is something that definitely seems in demand so I’ll try and find a way to work those in in a meaningful way which influences gameplay - a few other things I want to do first though.

On the contracts point, bonuses are spread across the contract as a guarantee. They are only treated differently to salary in the case of wanting to trade or release a player where the team is still liable to pay all of the guaranteed bonus.

Thanks again! Jon

Stickman15 ,

Amazing Game: Some notes

This Football sim is amazing. If sports and long-term sims are your thing. Look no further. My notes and thoughts. I love how deep you can go in your franchise. I think I’m in year like 2056 and it’s still fun. The game does seem to be crashing a bit more now. Not sure if it’s just a bug or if it’s related to the data storage at year 2056. Also. I love how stats are accumulated for every player and the introduction of the conference bowl and player awards. It would be cool if those earned awards would show up on each players profile maybe under an awards tab. Similar to skills, game log, and career. Also, I wanted to start over with my same team but noticed all the players were the same in year 1 for each team every time you start. Maybe get a reroll feature so starting over doesn’t give you the exact same players in year 1 with each “new save slot”. This game is really in depth though and very thought out. My suggestions would be purely that little extra. (More stats is always better to us nerds).

Thank you for this really fun game.

Developer Response ,

I’m currently working on trying to fix bugs in later years - as you suspect, this is a data storage issue with player numbers and tracked stats increasing each year.

I will look to add an awards section to players as you suggest. I have built the ability to generate random starting rosters (for me to create team) but haven’t currently pushed that live as I do some manual checks. I’ll see if I can automate any of that and include too. This won’t be done short term as definitely other things I want to do first.

Thanks for your great comments. Any other ideas - please feel free to join the pocketGM subreddit.



Jonathan Howell
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Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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