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Miles Hollingsworth

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Audio playback on the Apple Watch is finicky. Please apply the following advice for the best chance of success:it

1. Connect your Bluetooth headphones before starting the Pod2Watch on your Apple Watch.

2. Turn off Bluetooth on your phone to prevent the headphones from unpairing.

3. DO NOT use the play button in the "Now Playing" app.

4. Avoid removing your AirPods during playback. Auto-restart of audio can trigger a bug.

If you encounter this bug (hearing multiple podcasts at once), you can fix it by pressing pause in the "Now Playing" app and then pressing play in Pod2Watch.

Sending podcasts to your Apple Watch is slow. Plan ahead and use the auto-sync feature to avoid having to wait for transfers to complete.


版本 1.3.3

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

-Bug fixes and UI improvements


4.1(满分 5 分)
388 个评分

388 个评分


Useful but lack of download progress bar

It’s really useful app but could you please add a download progress bar to show how much have been synced and low long it will take to finish the syncing? It’s really frustrating to wait for sync without knowing any of the progress...


Thank You!!

Just got my first Apple Watch last night and synced my compatible apps to it and literally yelled out,”Nooooo!” when I didn’t see the podcast app that I see and use EVERYDAY on my phone. I checked out a few apps that were supposed to let me listen to my podcasts, but the reviews were very discouraging to say the least. But then I found THIS beautiful thing! Within a few mins a had a podcast(1 hr and 22 mins) downloaded and after another I was listening to it. Great app! Thank you so much!!


Too must frustration

I got excited when I saw I could finally listen to my favorite podcasts on my watch during my workouts. I downloaded the ap, loaded up my podcasts, went out to run and it didn’t work. I had to come back home to see if I could fix it. Felt like I got my mouth watering for a burger, then took a bite only to find out it was plastic. I looked on my phone to see if there were rules. I read the disclaimer of how you should NOT try to push play. Strange, but whatever. I kept trying different things and thirty minutes after I was supposed to be working out, I’m at home writing a review instead of exercising. Very disappointed.

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