Do you think you could survive without electricity?

Find out in Powerless - The Interactive Doomsday Simulator. Explore London after a catastrophic solar flare plunges the city into darkness and renders all electronic devices and transport useless. Try and keep your Personas alive as you face the elements without help from the digital world.

Powerless is an interactive fiction game which explores how electricity dominates our society and how much we would struggle without it.

Without electricity, how will you communicate? Without power, how will hospitals look after patients? Without running water, how will anyone survive?

Filled with exciting survival situations, Powerless will test your knowledge of the natural world and push the limits of what you believe society is capable of.

Adventures include:
- Land a helicopter during a solar storm
- Deliver a baby without medical help
- Fight a wounded gorilla
- Join the army and become a sniper
- Escape from a prison
- Build a battery from scratch
...and many more.

Each challenge is narrated via an interactive story where you control every action. Will your choices help save lives or put your own in danger? The choice is yours.

As you move through the levels of Powerless, you will gain a Survival Rating based on how you behave in each level. Are you honest or will you lie to survive? Are you brave or will you avoid danger at all costs? Are you resourceful or are you clueless when it comes to survival? Will you help others, or will you only help yourself? As your rating improves, new adventures and Personas will be unlocked, it's up to you how you behave, but there will be consequences.

* Explore 16 levels of Interactive Fiction.
* Each level is an opportunity to improve your Survival Rating.
* Unlock 7 different Personas and try to keep them alive to complete the game.
* Repeat and replay to improve your Survival Rating and unlock new adventures.
* Beautiful character artwork.
* Over 250,000 words of fiction to read.
* Haunting sound design and special effects.

Throughout Powerless you will be guided by our A.I named MAUDE (Mobile Assessment Unit of Doomsday Events).

Answer MAUDE's psychological profiling questions and she will assign you different Londoners to test your metal in an apocalyptic London without electricity. Work your way through the levels with each Persona to see if you can become a survival master and complete the game.

Powerless is a complete experience with no in-app purchases. It was created by a core team of 3 people, if you enjoy it, please leave a review and tell your friends.

What’s New

Version 1.06

Minor bug fixes.

Ratings and Reviews

2.9 out of 5
24 Ratings

24 Ratings

rahaeli ,

Buggy, unproofread, and unrealistic

I wanted to like this game -- it's an interesting premise and the mechanics of the various personas are compelling, and I like supporting indie game devs as much as possible. But there's two problems, one fixable and one intrinsic. The fixable problem: the game was not ready for release and the creator should have missed the launch date rather than release a game with such blatant, game-destroying bugs (many of which are still not fixed in the emergency patches) and so many unconscionable spelling and grammar errors that could and would have been flagged by any semi-competent proofreader. A text adventure lives and dies by its text; carelessness there sinks the game. The intrinsic problem: this game posits a much bleaker picture of how humans behave in disasters than actually happens. No, we haven't seen disasters *as* severe as the one this game postulates, but there's significant and repeated evidence showing that the dystopian scenarios the game forces you through would never arise in the first place and the altruism that gets your personas repeatedly killed in the game is in fact the norm in a crisis, not the exception. Add to that the fact the developer has given interviews saying they're using data for the game for some kind of social experiment and the way they're not taking criticism and negative reviews well, and I have to recommend giving this one a pass.

Developer Response ,


Thank you for your review.

I’m sorry that you have not enjoyed playing Powerless. You’ve raised a lot of interesting points here, some of which might be best addressed over email. You can always reach us on I’d like to point out that Powerless is not a social experiment; it is a narrative experience / game however as a team we are very interested in how data generated from the game might be used. This is not a feature currently.

As a small indie developer we take all reviews seriously and we are working hard to improve the game. It is not perfect we accept this but we hope over time we can improve and grow the experience.

Team Powerless.

vlad9800 ,

Extremely Disappointing

I was expecting a game with an actual story. This game is a joke for a survival game. Half of it is talking to the AI narrator that takes itself too seriously. The other half is navigating through simple little 3 short stories about each character.

Their backstories and characteristics have nothing to do with anything, neither does your “Survival Rating”. Half of the characters only have 1 simple little story instead of 3.

I honestly saw nowhere close to the amount of words the description promises. I feel like I’ve read long news articles with the same amount of text as this game.

Decisions within stories only decide if you complete it or not, they don’t affect how the story will develop.

If you don’t complete the short story, no problem! You can just try it again over and over figuring out how the author’s imagination works.

Riddled with typos and grammatical errors. They have so few words and they can’t even use them correctly.

A couple times on the single story characters it would get stuck and all progress with characters would be lost, complete restart required.

This game was more than a waste of money, the real cost was the time spent playing and hoping that I was just experiencing the start of the game. Then I saw the “Completion” screen and was sent back to Main Menu. This game can be finished in less than an hour.

Developer Response ,


Thank you for your feedback. We are really sorry that you have found our game disappointing.

Powerless is not a normal survival game - it’s a narrative adventure that aims to explore the challenges of a world without power.

There are numerous narrative threads and stories within the game that change depending on what choices you have made. Some routes are shorter than others but the more you play the more you discover about the characters and the world.

The development of the stories can be affected by your survival rating, in story choices and also the questions that MAUDE asks you. We are sorry if you haven’t experienced this.

The total word count in the game and the total words you may have experienced are of course going to differ due to the nature of the branching narrative; we apologise if you feel that you didn’t get value for your money. Our intention is to add more levels (stories, and not as in-app purchases) and new Personas to the game so that the experience will grow.

The game includes a replay feature to let players try again if they die; this allows them to experience different sides to the story and fully explore the world.

We are releasing an update in a few days to remedy the spelling and grammar issues and any other bugs our users have reported. We will continue to update and improve the game as much as we can and take all feedback on board.

Once again we are really sorry that you have had a negative experience. We hope that you have a better time with the new updates.

Team Powerless

v says ,

Great Concept, Major Glitches

Really awesome concept & artwork! It’s a cool game that’s really replay-able.....if I could get through a single play through successfully. There are a LOT of glitches.


Finished the 3rd level of Abdul’s route, then the evaluation refused to load so I had to start over; was told in my next try that Tara was unlocked when she wasn’t; in level 2 of Jade was told that I was too hesitant & a child died, even though I didn’t encounter the child because I used the shard of glass on the gorillas; & was asked after a persona’s level (can’t remember which one) if I would like to see what would have been different if I saved the baby in Harry’s level 2, despite the fact that I’d successfully saved both mother & baby. There’s also some typos, but that’s somewhat expected in a game that’s so text based & they’re not severe enough or frequent enough to really detract from the story.

3/5 stars because the concept is super interesting & it has a LOT of potential. I think once the major issues are resolved it will be a great game. :)

Developer Response ,


Thank you for your review and for the spoiler alert! These detailed comments are very helpful in helping us improve the game.

We have just released a new update to Powerless (which should be available in the next 24 hours) which addresses some of these issues.

We are committed to improving the game and we really appreciate all feedback and suggestions. If you have any further notes please feel free to email

Team Powerless


Narratio LTD
211.3 MB

Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



Age Rating
Infrequent/Mild Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes
Infrequent/Mild Medical/Treatment Information


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