Pretext is a simple but feature-filled Markdown and plain text editor.

• Markdown syntax highlighting
• HTML preview and export
• Comprehensive keyboard shortcuts
• Quick-tap format options
• Files app/Document provider support
• Seamless iOS integration
• Customisable font size
• Full undo/redo/revert-all-changes support
• Dark theme and icon (in-app purchase required)


"This app is now my default solution for quickly creating .md files to share with other people." - Federico Viticci, MacStories


‪Pretext is designed to work seamlessly with iCloud Drive and other file providers. This means you can open files directly from your Files app, and any changes are saved right back, available to use on other devices and in other applications. No clunky import and export steps just to make an edit – instead, you keep full control of your files.

Pretext works great on all your iOS devices. Thanks to comprehensive keyboard shortcuts, Pretext works especially well with iPad Pro and Smart Keyboard.

If you encounter any problems, please get in touch at, tweet @pretext_app, or post at /r/pretextapp.


Versione 1.1.0

Thanks for using Pretext! This update adds support for system Dark Mode* and Multi-Window (on iPadOS).
If you encounter any problems, please get in touch at, tweet @pretext_app, or post at /r/pretextapp.

*Pretext's theme now follows the system setting for Dark Mode. The in-app purchase now unlocks fixed themes, if you always want light or dark enabled regardless of the system theme.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4.4 su 5
575 valutazioni

575 valutazioni

Anahata108 ,

Dark mode IAPs: an accessibility perspective

For photosensitive users, dark modes aren't just an aesthetics choice. For these users, especially those looking at their devices all day, dark modes aren't just about being pretty. Dark modes are fundamentally required to make the app useable at all.

Dark modes are an *accessibility* feature. They make the app useable in the same way that AssistiveTouch or VoiceOver do. Would you charge more for accessibility features? No. That would be terrible. Dark mode is an accessibility feature in exactly the same way other features are. Night Shift, True Tone, and the lesser known Reduce White Point aren't enough for some users: dark modes are the only way for them to use apps they can look at for hours at a time.

Furthermore, some users have "floaters" in their vision caused by fluids shifting in their eyes. They cannot comfortably use black on white UIs as a result. Dark modes are the main way users with these floaters can interact with their devices.

All that said: I realise that app developers need to make money. That's fine, really! I work as a developer myself. I understand. But charging for an accessibility feature is the wrong way to do it. I'd be happier making a *donation*, and getting nothing, than I am having to pay to configure the app to be useable in a way that doesn't cause me eyestrain and discomfort.

Dark mode is an accessibility feature. I shouldn't have to pay to make the app accessible.

mkbolivianwonder ,

Seems great, but seems to choke on external changes

I had a markdown document I was working on from my desktop, saved and closed it, and opened it on Pretext and added to it. Seemed great. When I reopened it on the desktop, the changes didn’t seem to write back to the file I had opened. Closing the app, I worked on the document more from the desktop. Re-opened the document in pretext from where I had saved it on my server from the desktop, and now none of the changes I had added on the desktop weren’t showing in the app.

Computercolim ,

Missing essential features, bugs

I hate to review badly, this app is free after all and it is neat.

But for a real markdown editor, it’s missing tons of stuff:
- open file from Dropbox, app crashes
- Cannot recognize lists as typed (have to tap on line, wait for popup to show, then hit “list”)
- One “real” recognized lists, not quick way to indent or un-indent
And some other issues where you type markdown and expect the app to “play ball” and do the right thing (it doesn’t).

But it is neat. It highlights. It has a cool markdown link insert tool. Spellcheck works as expected.

Some bugs:
Hitting list button on existing list ads more dashes (does not needs, already has dash bullet).

Not as important, but I’ve hit some rendering bugs. App opens document but keyboard area is blank white and does nothing. Or text area is cut in half but keyboard is present. Undo bar doesn’t appear, etc.


Sam Oakley
3.7 MB

Richiede iOS 13.0 o versioni successive. Compatibile con iPhone, iPad e iPod touch.



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  1. Dark Theme + App Icons $0.99


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