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PrismScroll is devoted to creating an exceptional experience for all levels of Dungeons and Dragons players. Backed by over 830+ ratings and 190+ written reviews, we're very thankful for all the great feedback we've received thus far. Our team is dedicated to providing continuous updates with the goal of becoming the go-to digital character sheet. We read and respond to all user reviews because we know that YOU are going to be the ones that make PrismScroll the best it can be.

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Standard Features.
Seamless Character Creation. Automatic Calculation. No Ads

Mobile Sheet. Compact, Mobile Friendly Digital PrismScroll designed character sheet.

Character Creation. A complete, step by step character creation process that has spell selection, ability adjustment distribution, starting equipment selection, multi-classing/subclassing capabilities, personality trait rolling, and much more.

Level Up. Leveling up your character is an exciting time and we celebrate that with confetti! Enjoy a simple, step by step walkthrough of powering up your character.

Spell Tracking. Keep track of your total, expended, and prepared spell slots using our toggle-able spell page.

Keep track of all your equipment and treasures. Track quantity of each item and current carried weight.

Custom Creator.
Want to create something new? Use our custom creator feature to create all kinds of new things. Create complex new Classes, diverse new Races, or something as simple as a new item.

Compendium. A simple to use, searchable compendium that shows all content in your PrismScroll app

DM App Support. Share your character information with your DM who is using the PrismScrollDM app.

PrismPro Features.
Unlimited Character Creation. Test out more builds and quickly spin up NPC's for your games with unlimited character creation

Character Sharing. Share your characters with other users, transferring complete character export files.

Paper Sheet. Scrollable 5 Page Pen&Paper character sheet. You have the option at any time to switch between either sheet, depending on your preferences.

Dice. A simulated dice roller and calculator, just in case you forgot your expensive, metallic moon-rock dice.

Three different entries: quick entry for on-the-fly information, itemized entries for NPC profiles and other more detailed accounts, and pictures for saving things like custom drawn maps

PDF Generation.
If a digital character sheet isn’t for you but you want to take advantage of the character creation process, PrismScroll offers the option to export a printable PDF of your character sheet.

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PrismScroll Sheets.
Play a different pen and paper game or want to use your own custom sheet? Then PrismScroll Sheets is the app for you! Create sheets with this simple editor.

On first install, PrismScroll contains all the information freely/legally available in the System Reference Document 5.1 document. Join our discord channel via the link in the app settings for more information and visit our Youtube channel for quick tutorial videos.

What’s New

Version 4.5.17

Patch Notes 4.5.17
1. Getting ready for our fleshing out of features for Tasha's cauldron rule changes, starting at the beginning of November

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

Dpropropropro ,

Simple Complexity

I would like to say that the creators have done an amazing job at making something as complex as D&D as simple as choosing options. This is a great tool if you are starting out and aren’t quite sure about what exactly a character gets from their class/race/background.
For example each class gets to pick a certain number of certain skills to be proficient in. When you get to that section the app doesn’t make you worry about skills that do not apply or even what it means to be proficient. Now I know many character creation apps do this but it’s just one example of the types of things this app does to make creating a character fluid.
I gave this app 5 stars because even though it’s a pay to use app you certainly get what you pay for. The only things I would like to see changed is to have more of the 5e content (specifically UA) and being able to select a template for customization sections. I wanted to make a Raven Queen warlock and saw it wasn’t listed as a sub class. So naturally I went to custom, but found it a little tedious to lookup the information needed to be able to essentially just make a custom subclass. All in all I’m very pleased with the user friendly aspect of this app and think it’s a great choice for beginners and veterans alike.

Developer Response ,

Hello dpro! Thank you for the review! We are really glad that you think that app is simple and as you know, saying that about a game as complex as DnD is something! It is a challenge that we plan on continuing to tackle, update by update. As far as customization goes, we are expanding our custom section and we really like the potential it brings to the future of the app. With our latest edition (equipment -> weapons/armor/items) and spells in on deck, we are slowly rolling out new ways to add things to the app that may not be hard coded. We do plan on adding more content that is readily available in the app (eberron and things like unearthed arcana (this being a bit more challenging because it is still technically "test" material)). In any case, I think you bring up an interesting point in maybe being able to download/import premade content in the custom creator. It is something that we really want to start looking into, the idea of being able to interact with the app from other sources (dm app/other players). Thanks again and we hope to live up to your glowing praise as we continue to update the app! Dont hesitate to reach out via social media/email if you have any other suggestions/comments

AerialGame ,

Beautiful and easy to use!

I love this app. I tried a free character creator first, but the interface was annoying and ugly. I decided to shell out the money for this and gosh, was it worth it! For a pretty new player like me, it’s so helpful that it’s in the same layout as the printed sheets - it means I don’t have to re-learn everything!

The constant improvements really help, and the added spells interface is amazing so far! I’m very pleased with the improvements to character creation and item selection, and the automatic calculations for the weapons you select in character creation.

I’m very interested in the custom content creation, and am specifically hoping more features are added to the background options soon - languages, proficiencies, and inventory, as adding those all manually is a pain and requires me to keep track of them somewhere else. However, it’s not a huge deal, and I love the app anyway!

Developer Response ,

*Howdy Seraphine! Thank you for the updated review! So now that we have the features interface setup we are going to start hitting each of the feature items (classes/subclasses/races/backgrounds) and start fleshing out those areas. Dont worry, its on the list! We love our custom creator too! The next planned addition is spells. We are hoping also to do things like being able to edit those items after they have been created and then being able to use equipment/spells in your character with all the great options like favoriting and quick rolling! Dont hesitate to reach out again with any other suggestions via social media (follow to stay up to date with what we are currently working on)/email/or revising this review.
*Hello Seraphine! Thank you for the review and we are glad that we could be of help! You have pointed out one of our weak spots yes, spell slots. It’s definitely on the hot topic list here: features, equipment, mobile friendly character sheet, and spell slots. With it being near the top of the list make sure to stay tuned for the next couple of weeks! Thank you for you patience 👍

Teknomansir ,

Possible Fixes

I thoroughly enjoy this app and it is infinitely better than most other apps regarding user friendly UI. It truly caters properly towards new players who have too much confusion about creating a character and what things they can/should choose about characters. I am personally an experienced D&D player so I love this app and commend the creators for their success. However, I noticed a few possible fixes. First off, I think it would be consistent with the ideals of the Main Sheet if Dragonborn racial resistances were naturally added to the resistances container. I noticed this minor detail when creating a white Dragonborn, but did not see a Cold resistance, of which I simply added one, but a newer player may easily gloss over this and never remember it. Also, I believe Dragonborn breath attacks should be moved from the Features section, or at least added, to the equipment section alongside the weapons. However, that seems a little strange, so maybe even consider creating a Combat section and adding weapons, their attacks, and any sort of possible racial features such as breath attacks, bite attacks, or specialized unarmed strikes depending on the player chosen race

Developer Response ,

Hello Teknomansir, Thank you for the in depth review! I will try to explain a bit of what I think regarding your points below:
1. Resistances : Absolutely agree and something that is easily fixed. One thing that PrismScroll sometimes struggles with is making sure that the content (things you create in the compendium) have the proper "special effects" (the magic juice that makes all the cool automations happen in the app) added to them when we add cool new UI elements to the sheet (in this case the Resistances/Immunities/Vulnerabilities section). In some cases, the cool new UI gets released before the special effects are updated and while those new UI elements can be updated manually, there are no special effects to initially populate them because the content is a step behind. Luckily, we have a great community they points things out for me so I fix them as they get noticed. So thanks for the call out!
2. So this is something that has been on my mind recent and I dont know if have a clear idea of what I want to do yet. So the features page is where all the magic happens for feature special effects but the speed of which you can navigate those may not be as fast as you would like because its in dropdown menus. Since we are dealing with the real estate of a phone screen, the challenge is really there to try to show the most information using the space that you have. I think a combat or action page would be an interesting idea. I think another thing I want to do is really play test a "condensed page" and sorta something that I am testing with the chat bot. Essentially a hub of the most common actions you would take in a D&D game all on one screen (maybe with a single direction scroll). Definitely a challenge but something that I am thinking about. In the mean time, you can create a custom weapon for your Dragon breath if you wanted and then added it to your "weapons" equipment sheet to get that rolling functionality that you would want. Or technically I guess you could create a spell too. There a number of work arounds but obviously it would be nice to have a "right way to do it" rather than a work around so thank you for the thoughts.
Hope that gives you a little insight into behind of scenes of the PrismScroll Operation/Thought process and look forward to hearing any other ideas from ya!


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