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Знімки екрана iPhone


Privat24 is one mobile banking app for everyone.

It does not matter whether you are an individual or an entrepreneur, whether you have a card of PrivatBank or another bank. Necessary services are available for everyone.

Pay for anything and anywhere:
• transfers to Visa and Mastercard cards;
• top-ups of mobile numbers of all Ukrainian carriers;
• payment for utilities, Internet, television, education, payment of fines for traffic rules violation, etc.;
• currency exchange;
• instant transfers and SWIFT transfers.

Loans and savings control:
• credit limit management;
• repayment under the "Payment by parts" and "Instant installment" agreements;
• cash loan, mortgage, and car leasing;
• accumulation of funds using the "Moneybox" service.

Unique services:
• purchase of train tickets;
• payment of fares on public transport;
• registration of insurance policies – health insurance, travel insurance, MTPL insurance;
• adding discount cards to accumulate bonuses.

Lots of card and account management features:
• limit management – for online payment and cash withdrawal;
• cash withdrawal and cash order;
• issuing and reissuing card online;
• adding card to Apple Pay;
• choice of virtual card design.

Features available for entrepreneurs:
• transfer of funds from the entrepreneur's account;
• view of balance and account statement;
• sharing account details with business partners.

We could describe all the benefits of the updated Privat24 application for a long time. But better see for yourself.

Join us. More than 13 million clients already did it.

Що нового

Версія 82.4

In this episode:
– Create an updated link to conveniently accept payments to your card. To do this, choose the card in Wallet → Details → Reference.
– Added a redirect to the website of the mental health program “How are you?“. Available in Communications.

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4,9 з 5
Оцінок: 4,6 тис.

Оцінок: 4,6 тис.

William from Peoria ,


Once I established these accounts my daily routine has become much easier. I can do everything easily and almost never need to go into the bank any more. Great personal service when needed. The ATM network is everywhere. Keep up this awesome awesome service

2Ham5U ,


I’ve been trying to register for an account since summer. Everytime I enter my phone number, it keeps changing from an American based number to Barbados for no apparent reason. Not sure why, or even how it’s possible? But I thought ok maybe it’s my phone? Which is strange since my phone is brand new. So I used my iPad and the same thing. Changes to Barbados. Why? I can’t even contact support to address it. I thought with a new update it would get fixed but alas to no avail. I’m trying to make my account but it’s really not possible for me.

Відповідь розробника ,

Для успішного входу номер телефону має бути підтверджений у банку.
У разі виникнення труднощів, ви можете звернутися до нашої підтримки на офіційному сайті pb.ua/chat

Lan/ukr ,

Long wait for a representative.

Dear Privat !!
You have to somehow to change the way of connection! It takes for ages to get through your constant options.
Otherwise your service is always good.

Відповідь розробника ,

Ми цінуємо Вашу думку і будемо вдячні, якщо Ви більше детально опишите Ваше бачення. Щоб це зробити потрібно в застосунку натиснути “палець вгору” та обрати .

Приватність програми

Розробник (PrivatBank) зазначив, що до процедур забезпечення приватності програми може входити обробка даних, як це описано нижче. Докладніші відомості наведено на сторінці політики приватності розробника.

Data Linked to You

The following data may be collected and linked to your identity:

  • Financial Info
  • Location
  • Identifiers
  • Usage Data
  • Diagnostics
  • Other Data

Процедури роботи з конфіденційною інформацією можуть відрізнятися з урахуванням, наприклад, вашого віку або функцій, якими ви користуєтеся. Докладніше


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