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Prizm (PZM) is a fully decentralized, self-regulated digital currency. A new implementation of the concept of cryptocurrency, allowing any user to easily and securely store and make money transfers directly, as if the transfer of cash from hand to hand.

This is an application that allows the client to get quick and secure access to information about PRIZM balance.


- Safely
- Quickly
- Conveniently
- Online 24/7

Account details:
- Balance
- Paramining
- Total Volume
- Multiplier
- Prizm Adress
- Change currency in 1 click

- All
- Sent
- Received
- Paramining
- Blockchain access

Detailed view
- Data and time
- Ammount
- Fee
- Type of transaction
- Sender
- Recipient
- Confirmations

- Balance
- Price
- Multiplier
- Total Volume
- Daily Profit
- Monthly Profit
- Easy currency swap

Sending Coins:
- Safely sending in 1 min

- Add your favorite wallets
- Send coins in 1 click to your friends

Sending coins:
We have implemented this function in the safest way.
When making an outgoing transaction, the user interacts with the web version of the official wallet at the address inside the application: https://wallet.prizm.space/index.html

To activate the function of sending coins, it is necessary to log into your wallet at the wallet address during the first transaction.
After that, all transactions can be carried out through a convenient form, which can be called by pressing the SEND button, fill in the data and You will only have to confirm the transaction with a passphrase.

- The application does not write or store any databases.
- Creating a wallet is only through the official wallet Lite - https://wallet.prizm.space/index.html
- The address book of wallets is stored only on the user's device
- The whole infrastructure of the app revolves around the Blockchain Prizm

In our plans to develop many more new features for the convenience of using cryptocurrency PRIZM.

We welcome feedback and constructive.
All questions and suggestions send to Telegram - bot @pzmspacebot

Prizm Space

Что нового

Версия 2.1.1

what's new:
- Bug fixes
- Added Face ID / Touch ID to enter the wallet.
- Added German language

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5.0 из 5
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1 оценка


Prizm Space
17.7 МБ

Requires iOS 12.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, German, Russian

Rated 4+
Prizm Space Copyright © 2019


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