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ProDex vous accompagne dans les jeux Pokémon Épée & Bouclier sur Nintendo Switch et dans toutes les versions précédentes ! Les Pokémons, attaques, CT, objets, lieux ou talents n’auront plus de secret pour vous

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- Les CT
- Les Talents
- Les Natures
- Les Objets
- Les Lieux
- Les Donneurs de capacité

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- Descriptions rapides
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3,8 sur 5
649 notes

649 notes

TheOutsider1783 ,

4/5- Update: The best on the App Store

I really like the app and it is very well designed but a lot of the information is either wrong or just partially right. This applies mostly to the effectiveness charts for each Pokémon but can also apply to the move list of some of them. I also think a global effectiveness chart would be a great addition to the app and help with some confusion that may arise from the Pokémon specific charts. Hopefully after a couple updates a lot of this will be fixed and then we can have a really fantastic Pokédex app.

Updated: The developers responded to this review and after reading and looking for the incorrect information I just realized that my critic of the information was not true. I was just reading it wrong and was confused due to not realizing I had clicked on a Pokémon’s evolution that had an added type. It is the same with the move list. The sprite is show at the top of the screen and if you click on an evolution it will still show its previous form. That is what led to my mistake. That is another piece of feedback that I would like to give though but it is so minor. The app is almost perfect and as soon as the team builder is released then it will be great.

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you so much for the update! We are happy to have a confirmation that data are fine haha

Dubinator43 ,

Great potential

This is one of the nucest looking pokedex's I've seen. it looks very crisp and I really appreciate the look. A few things I wanted to mention however(since it seems like the devs are keeping up with these reviews very well, great job!!) I noticed a few spelling errors on the introductory messages, I personally don't care about this, but I don't want it to scare off other customers. I also noticed a bug when I'm on the pokedex section, when I click the menu button on the top right, it locks up the app, I'm not yet sure what it is intended for, but I presume(and hope) that it is a filter, for types and egg groups or what not. Additionally on that page, I think it would be a great idea to allow the option to display the Pokémon in list format going from top to bottom. I can still appreciate seeing all the Pokémon in a box, but I feel it might make it easier to go through them if they in a vertical alignment. In the end those are just my critiques, I have high hopes for this app, once the team builder is created and those other points get hit, this will be my go to Pokédex app!

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you so much for that complete feedback! Our designer is really pleased to see that users like his work haha. Here are our answers point by point:
- About the spelling errors: english is not our native language (we are french), we are doing our very best but we assume that it is not perfect. If you want to help us, don’t hesitate to send at the mistakes you spot. We will correct them for sure.
- The button in the Pokedex section is actually here to display Pokémons in a list and not in a grid. We have been noticed that loading is reeeaaaaaly long here. After the launching of the Team Builder and the Expansion Pass, we plan to take time to work on performances. That will be a great improvement. (An option to filter and sort Pokémons is also on our road map).

CookiePlayz Minecraft ,

I love it although there are a few things that could be better...

Hi, so I really love this app and I had absolutely no storage beforehand so, I used this fun websites and yet my older brother kept bothering me about downloading ProDex, then I just had enough of it and decided to try downloading it at evening but I couldn’t test it because I had to get ready to go to bed, then I woke up this morning and surprised my brother with a Kyogre Pokédex entry since that was his fAvOrItE PoKéMoN for some reason and he was pretty happy like “WhAt sInCe wHeN dId yOu dOwNlOaD PrODex!?” But when I made my first team: Ally’s Regular Party, It consisted of a Rapidash, Primarina, Ninetales, Alakazam, Espeon, and Ditto, I wanted to make my Gym Leader Team but I couldn’t because I needed the Premium Version and I got pretty mad like, it’s fine to have the Premium Version but not for extra parties! I just think that’s just childish so maybe in the next update you could remove the Premium Version for making other parties! Plz? :)

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