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Take back control over your time, productivity and success with Proud.

It's a big challenge nowadays to manage ourselves. Productivity systems and planners don't work anymore, they are completely outdated. We need something fresh, connected to the viral, high intensity reality that we all live in. 

Introducing Proud
If you want to be more productive, control your time better and maximize your potential for success, Proud is an app for you. From lists, reminders and timers to useful superpowers like: “Give me more time”, “De-stress” or “Travel back in time”.

When an idea or a thought comes to your mind or you know you will have to accomplish something soon, store these thoughts safely, break them down into chunks that are smaller and easier to complete, and increase your chance of success in any area of your life! Organize your days with one-click reminders and add habits to make you systematic and unbeatable.

CESAwards Best User Experience Nominee!

Why will I feel the difference?

It shouldn't be about the look, it should be about something much deeper. Indeed. We redefined the concept of time for you. "I need to do laundry in the evening." They don't contain the exact hour, do they? When you finish typing "Laundry" and hit Return, Proud will ask you in which part of the day you want to do that task: afternoon or evening?

Simplicity and power of 3 tabs.

You don't have time to learn a new app, do you? We tried our best to make the simplest app while making sure it will be powerful enough to drive positive change in your life.

How will I be more productive?

It may sound counter-intuitive but the secret is easy: you have to take breaks. Work for 50 minutes and relax for the next 10. This is known as the Pomodoro Technique, and it guarantees your mind will never get into the low-energy mode with you getting distracted and losing your motivation to work. Find a fully customizable timer inside Proud for iPhone and Apple Watch and know when to take a break and go back to work.

Superpowers, seriously?

Do you sometimes feel you want all your tasks to disappear for a day to give you a day off? Or do you feel your heart beating faster during stressful situations in your life and you wished someone could calm you down? We have all been in such situations when we wished we could have a simple button that could handle all of that. Well, guess what? You have those buttons in Proud. Use them wisely!

My own Proud.

We know you may not like blue or orange. We know you may have tinted your nails with a pink color. We thought about Proud’s look and aesthetics very seriously. We wanted to show your ideas, your thoughts, your tasks and your favorite colors, without any unnecessary distractions.

Full list of features:

- iOS 10, watchOS 2 and iPhone 7 ready!

- Add Reminders with Siri
- Gesture-based, uncluttered interface so you perform your actions faster

- Simple deferring: “Evening” instead of 7PM

- Habits so you stop forgetting about important stuff!

- Dropbox sync so you can be productive across all your iOS devices
 (Mac beta available)
- iPad Multitasking
- TouchID support to secure your tasks

- Focus/Relax timer to remind you about taking breaks from your work

- 3 Superpowers: “Give me more time”, “Travel back in time” and “De-stress”

- 24 App Color Themes so Proud looks the way you like it to look

- Fully separate Apple Watch app that works even if your iPhone is not around

- Shake to export and print your lists so you may share them with others
- Advanced reminders

- Your life goal to remind you about what’s important in your life

- Your 7-days performance chart to see how many tasks you have done

- Shake to undo/redo so you feel safe when you accidentally do something wrong

Works perfectly with iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod Touch, iPad and Mac. Want to know more? Visit http://useproud.com/ or contact us directly at support@useproud.com

Co nowego

Wersja 1.3.6

- iOS10 crashfixes
- crashfix for Siri Reminders Catcher

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2.5 z 5
Ocen: 24

Ocen: 24

Yeastman ,

Too clever for its own good

Proud tries to take a different approach to task lists, attempting to make the process memorable and enjoyable through encouragement and creative design.

If you can manage to remember how to use it when you need it, it succeeds - however since a task app isn’t one you’re in every day, each time you do use it, you find you just can’t sort out how to do simple things.

A task app should not need instructions; it should be so intuitive I just open it and “bam” I’m working. I liked the creative design so much I tried for months to make this work for me, but in the end, the confusing layout and interface meant it wasn’t doing what I needed it to; quickly track tasks. I hope they work on it more, lots of potential.

hoorayberet00 ,

Not usable; crashes all the time

I love the concept of this app! It seems like it would be so useful and the de-stress option seems like it could be a hoot. I agree with the other recent app reviewer, that I'm just am not sure I know how to use yet. I am going to try and read the productivity handbook. But it looks like I can only read that in that app and not open it in iBooks.

I love that this app has integration with Apple Watch. Just waiting for an update that will make it usable.

Brendan_D ,

Lots of potential, but broken

UPDATE: Tried turning sync back on a few weeks ago. Opened the app before starting back at work tomorrow, and many previously completed tasks have reappeared. I have some 40-60 items in my to-do list, some completed, some that should be deleted, some that I need to do urgently. Horrible feeling in my stomach.

I would throw money at the developers to make this app work. It just doesn't. I've been putting up with the bugs and instability but this is worse than broken. Taking all my eggs back out of this particular basket and looking, sadly, for an alternative.


Proud has the potential to be fantastic and just what I need. For now though, it's broken. Rescheduling tasks in my "do now" list requires a restart after every couple of actions, making it frustrating and impractical to use.

The developers have put up a release schedule (props!) and I can see bug fixes on the way, so I'm sticking with it for now in the hope they can make it work. I look forward to replicating this review if/when they do.


Peter Szwach
52.4 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 9.0 i watchOS 2.0 lub nowszych wersji. Zgodna z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad i iPod touch.


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