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Perfect Tea, Smart & Easy with the Qi Aerista IoTea Brewer App!

The Qi Aerista Tea Brewing App features everything you need to know about your teas - what the different types are, what makes them different, and how to brew each type to perfection.

Use it with our IoTea Brewer for brewing program customization, real-time tracking, pre-set timer reservations and more!

This tea app also comes with a comprehensive tea library with recipes for you to try and explore an entire spectrum of tea.

Discover the wonderful world of tea with the Qi Aerista Tea Brewing App!


版本 1.2

- Adjusted UI dimensions for different screen sizes
- Improved brewer operational controls
- Added Traditional Chinese support
- Added various other bug fixes


2.8(满分 5 分)
8 个评分

8 个评分

Nick G Stein

Low Quality App

Pretty beautiful device, fairly sad app. It was obvious that this app was not written by native English speakers, and that’s okay, but get someone to proofread and throughly test your English version. There are numerous text translation oddities and formatting problems and Chinese text appears in various info messages including the location access approval request. Annoying too that the app starts on the Qi web store instead of the brewing page which is the only reason I’d open it anyway.


Nice Tea Brewer

The Qi Aerista is is an awesome tea brewing machine and the companion app is a great compliment to it. Both are simple to use, plus the brewer takes up less counter space than the the dedicated appliance I was using ONLY to boil water for steeping tea in a cup or tea pot. An additional plus is being able to set up the Aerista to have a pot of hot tea ready when I wake up in the AM. Deciding on a whim to brew a cup is effortless as well; no more hovering around waiting for water to boil and then watching over the steeping. Set it, forget it, and come back whenever for a nice hot brew cup or three of your desired tea. Very nice.

Bleh 736

Nice Machine, app not working

I recently purchase a new Qi Aerista and went to link it with the app

When i tried to log in through the app, i immediately noticed something wrong as the font where i enter my email and password is white on white, making it invisible

Additionally, i cannot login through the app

Logging in through the website works fine, but the app states incorrect password

If this is fixed, will change rating
iPhone 6s, 13.3.1

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