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Quantumult X is a powerful network tool for web developers and users who need to customize their proxies on iOS, now we bring it to macOS.

For web develpers:
- HTTP activity can record the whole HTTP request and response including body(HTTP debug should be enabled).
- The MitM HTTP decryption can work for the traffics from TUN interface(MitM should be enabled).
- HTTP rewrite with URL 302/307 redirect or request header/body modification or response header/body modification(Rewrite should be enabled).
- Customized DNS settings for specific domains(IPv4 or IPv6), only can be edited in configuration profile.

For users who need to customize their proxies:
- Supports shadowsocks proxy protocol.
- Supports shadowsocks with obfs-tls or obfs-http plugins.
- Supports shadowsocks over websocket and tls(server side should be deployed by v2ray-core).
- Supports UDP relay if the server supports it.
- Supports different policies for network request by using customized filters(host, host suffix, host keyword...).

Privacy Policy: https://quantumult.app/x/privacy/
Contact Us: support@quantumult.app


版本 1.5.0

- Supports VLESS proxy protocol.
- Bug fixes and other minor improvements.


4.2(满分 5 分)
119 个评分

119 个评分


We need remote access

When using Apple TV to run the software, each time we need to switch nodes, we have to go to the room and turn on the device to make the switch. There is an urgent need to add a feature that allows remote node switching through a web interface!


HY2 support?

I've become incredibly reliant on this fantastic app; it's become an integral part of my daily routine. Recently, I've started exploring the HY2 protocol, and I'm genuinely impressed by its capabilities. I'm reaching out to inquire if there are any plans to integrate HY2 protocol support into the app. The addition of HY2 would undoubtedly enhance my user experience significantly. I hope to continue using this outstanding application with HY2 support in the future. Adding this feature would be immensely appreciated. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making such an exceptional app. 🙏

Huantong Lengku

The bridge of connection

It gave me the opportunity to get in touch with various social apps and make friends. It has powerful functions and beautiful interfaces. It is a bit confusing to get started with it. The entry threshold is a bit high. It would be better if a setting guide interface or function was added. I hope to see the web page response test of multiple nodes at the same time, and quickly connect to the fastest node. Now I can only click one by one, which is too troublesome.

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