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Minimalist design with powerful tools for reading, particularly academic documents:

• Select text and cmd-f to see only the sentences in the document with the selected text
• Select text and 'x' to strikethrough with red line. 'x' again to remove. '
• ESC to go in and out of fullscreen
• Single page in regular view, two pages in full screen view
• Spacebar for page down (arrow keys can also be used)
• White background in full-screen view since documents are usually white and therefore provides a clean reading space without a harsh black border
• Integrated with the Author word processor to provide instant citations through simply copying and pasting text using the Visual-Meta method as shown in the last screenshot and as described at
text to see all highlighted text
- ’n’ to see any Names in the document

• Integrated with Liquid to provide hundreds of commands in less than one second on any selected text

• If document has Visual-Meta from the Author word processor:
- cmd- to collapse the document into an outline if the document has headings (if document has Visual-Meta from the Author word processor).
- Select text and 'h' to highlight. 'h' again to remove. 'h' with no selected text displays all highlighted text.

Thank you for looking at Reader. Please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions and of course, bug reports at or


版本 3.0.4

Minor update with smaller polishes.


4.5(满分 5 分)
20 个评分

20 个评分


"Almost" Perfect

I have tried a number of free PDF readers for MAC, and unfortunately, none of them have all the features. Currently, I have three PDF readers installed since I need all of them based on the use case. While all of them have issues, the issues with this one are the most tolerable, so this is usually my go to reader.

First the pros. This reader provides crystal clear text and smooth scrolling, (quite surprisingly,) the only free reader to have these two features. Of my other two readers, Adobe's scrolling is very jumpy and Foxit makes the texts blurry on the external monitor.

The cons are frustrating, because while the cons of other readers are due to bugs, the cons of this one are by design. First, every time I open a new document, it opens a new window, not a new tab. I have to drag that window to a previously opened window to have them tabbed. Second, I have to select "single page continuous" to have smooth scrolling. I found no options to make it the default view. Third, the text search (cmd F) shows the results in a list. I would prefer to see the result highlighted in the regular view, which is common in all the text readers I have seen before. This helps me see the context, which is not possible in an isolated list.

I really wish the developers take note and make some changes to the UI so that I can uninstall the other readers.


Thank you. We will look into the tab issue and make the "single page continuous" option stay once chosen, until you choose not to have it.


Almost There

When I magnify the pdf so that a page is larger than the screen, and scroll down, the next page is not displayed at the beginning of the page but at the bottom. Is a little annoying because I have to scroll up back up again so can't read a document by just hitting SPACE. Please consider altering SPACE or DOWN to start at the begiining of the next page.

Excellent job though! Great reader and will become my go-to reader once scrolling is "normal".


Thanks, we are aware of this bug and will work to fix it.


A Must for Academics and Students

Research papers, textbooks, often free or out of print yet inaccessible for long-term study. I couldn't enter a state of flow with other more commercially known PDF readers. But Reader is elegant and effective. It's fullscreen book display is superb. Coupled with a few Accesibility seetings on your Mac, such as Color Invert and Zoom shorcuts, it becomes a powerful tool for serious academics, students and researchers who must spend hours studying through large works. Can't for further updates and bookmarking features in the future!



Thank you for your wonderful review, much appreciated. We are currently working on accessing pages by number, plus Visual-Meta functionality and basic Annotations. Please email me with how you want the bookmarking should work, it would be great to have your perspective:

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