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Easily track books you’ve read, books you’re reading, and books you want to read. Record your progress by adding the start and finish date of your books.

• Scan the barcode of a book to quickly add it to your list
• Search online to find and add books
• Alternatively, add a book manually by typing in its details
• Sync your data between all devices via iCloud

• Quickly log the dates you start and finish each book with a tap or swipe
• Order the books, to help plan what to read next
• Create your own custom lists, like "Wishlist", "Favourites", etc
• Record the current page of books you're reading
• Add your own rating and notes to each book
• View your reading statistics

• No online account or signup needed
• All data is private, stored on-device or in your iCloud account
• Export and import all your data

Some premium features require Reading List Pro, which can be purchased in the app. The app remains fully-featured when used without Reading List Pro.

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ما الجديد

الإصدار 2.4.2

A couple of bug fixes in this little update:

• Fixes an issue which caused the alternative app icons settings page to show all of the icons as the default icon.
• Fixes an issue where a book with an Unknown finish date and a full precision start date would result in incorrect calculation for the average-days-to-finish statistic.

A more exciting update is coming soon!

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dsgruntledgenx ،

A treat for those disenfranchised…

I started using Reading List maybe 6 months ago. I was searching for a digital way to store my ever evolving tbr list, while compiling lists of books that I have collected (lovingly & haphazardly) for 30 years. I’ve spent many a dollar on paper mementos from bygone eras & yet more times than not, I’m literally lost in a bookstore wondering “Do I have this edition? Do I have it in paperback, hardcover, signed, limited edition?” And yes I’ve bought multiple copies of many (my local library loves to see me donate). So you can understand why when I began cataloging my personal library to a digital format, I downloaded 3 or four free apps to test to see which would best suit my long term needs. After several tries, I kept two, because yeah I like having a backup plan. Reading List was one of my final and now is my only reading list/biblio type app. The developer, Andrew, actually replied to my app user feedback email. And he is responsive on Twitter to followers of the app. In a world where service and help is no longer a courtesy but is usually rendered by ever infuriating automation, it was nice to see the actual human interface of this app, caring for his product. I hope this review though long, helps this young developer’s dream. It certainly helped my disorganized collection of books. Many thanks!

Jacquelinef18 ،

Excellent app!!

I love this app! I do use Goodreads to track books but I wanted someplace non-social to track the spiritual books I read since people seem to be so judgy these days no matter what faith or eclectic spirituality you espouse. I was immediately impressed w this simple book tracker and how easy it is to look up books by barcode or title, author etc and add it to custom shelves, track your reading, add a rating. Not sure why book reading always has to be a social event, tied to social media, when it’s a mostly solitary endeavor. I love that I finally have a very nice non-social book tracker! Not all features are intuitive to figure out but there is a help menu that helped me figure out for example, how to add a book to a shelf. (Have to add book to Reading list first, then scroll to bottom of book description page to Manage Lists.) LOVE that I can have a book on multiple lists! In addition to categories & book club lists, I like to have lists that tell me whether the book is in Kindle, iBooks, physical etc so I can find the book if I want to re-read it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app and tipping the developer if you like the app since it’s completely free to use. (Tipping is under the in app settings menu.)

استجابة المطور ،

Many thanks for the lovely review! ☺️

💜 CLP 💜 ،

Best Book Tracking App!!

Love this app so much!! I do have Goodreads and I keep it so I can see my friends books and they can see mine, but other than that I only use Reading List. I love the simplicity of the app, whereas I find Goodreads to be kind of visually cluttered if that makes sense. I would rather have simplicity and organization than an abundance of recommendations and reviews so this app is perfect for me! Its design is simple and clean—it makes finding books and making lists so incredibly easy! I love the feature of being able to scan the barcode to find books, especially if you have a special edition of a book you want to add. Even the fact that you can add books manually is super cool! (Although I haven’t used that feature yet.) And being able to customize my lists and easily sort the books in them is huge also. And lastly, although there are many different features you could add to this app, I think it’s great how it is :) Definitely the app I will be using to track all of my reading, so glad I found it!! ❤️📚


Reading List Pro (Yearly)
Unlocks statistics, iCloud sync, and more
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Reading List Pro (Lifetime)
Unlocks statistics, iCloud sync, and more
US$ 29٫99

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