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Application for widely expanding Auto Auction in Japan is available now.
You have a great chance to GET your target car not taking much time out of your busy schedule, by accessing just from your smart phone or tablet.

Since this app is for smart phone, you can acquire an easy to understand and detailed information on your screen, without even attending auction venue, which will ensure you to perform a bidding experience smoothly.

□ The coolest things you will get with this app □

[Real time Bidding]

You can participate in the Real time Auction from your smart phone.

Auction state of the venue is displayed in real time.
When you have a successful bid, Winning bid notification will appear on the screen.
So, do not worry you will not miss your winning bid!

You will not miss your chance of participating in a Real time Action, even though you do not visit the auction venue.

-「Watch」 mode、「Join」mode function-

「Watch」 mode is a screen display that enables only observing the auction, so that to prevent unintentional bidding. The second function- 「Join」 mode makes it is possible to bid in the Real time Auction.

- Other useful features are also enhanced –

Lane switching can also be operated with a single touch. Urikiri (Sellout), Correction, Right lamps are also displayed in real time.

[Preview Search ・Request]

Vehicles on the auction can be searched by 4 different methods.

・Bid Number Search
・Corner Search
・Car Name Search
・ Free Word Search

Request can be made from the bid details screen.

[Market Search]
You can search for the last 8 weeks of auction site information.

[Application is equipped with many more other handy functions!]

・ Notification function gives notification to a smart phone, 20cars before the start of the specified car.

・Please stay tuned for keeping version of Auction State Monitor up-to-date!

□ Partnership Auction Sites  □
In order to participate in auction of the following partnership sites in this app, you will need to become a member of each auction site.

There might be some functions that cannot be used depending on the site.

After applying to the auction site, Membership ID and password will be issued, then from the next week you can participate in the real auction.
Please use the service in places with good network connection. Since you have to update the display information in real time, using the application in locations with hard to reach radio waves, like underground may possibly cause delay on displaying content.
Since the packet communication charges will be borne by customer, it is recommended that you use in packet flat-rate service.
Service support is available only in Japan.


バージョン 6.3

Fix bug on iOS15.


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Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.




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