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RealCADD - Programme de CAD 2D

Puissant, complet, professionnel mais aussi rapide, intuitif, souple, précis...
spécialement pour vous qui n'aimez pas Autocad et ses clones.

RealCADD fonctionne à la manière de "MacDraw" mais avec beaucoup plus de possibilités dont la lecture et l'écriture de fichiers DXF, l'importation d'images dans les dessins, une plus grande précision, des outils de cotation, la possibilité de créer vos propres outils, la gestion des calques et des configuration de calques...

Le format de fichier de RealCADD est totalement compatible avec iPocket Draw, notre programme de dessin 2D sur iPhone et iPad.
Ainsi vous pouvez commencer un plan avec iPocket Draw et le continuer avec RealCADD ou l'inverse.


Version 5.01

- Correction de bugs.

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2 notes

Ron Reed ,

Usable and solid

I used some really nice old CAD software years ago for musical instrument design (QuickCAD by Drafix) that was later purchased by Autocad and then shut down. Looking for a replacement here on the app store I sampled a few of the most likely candidates that you'll see and found that many of them are markedly inferior to the old Drafix software from 20 years ago, frequently not even able to open standard file formats.
RealCADD works. It's more like a linux program with a slight lack of polish to the interface. The logic of the interface is also perhaps a bit oblique, but you can adjust to it. It works where many Mac CAD programs simply do not.


Not architectural CAD

If you are looking for a simple 2D CAD to draw floor plans and elevations, move on. The complex drawings depicted above can mislead. The developer states that the app did in fact, produce those drawings, and I would reply that one might also build a life-size White House from Legos. For Windows machines there are good, economical CAD programs for architectural design, complex according to your will to pay. I have not found such for Mac unless you’re a pro who needs to rent high-end CAD for big bucks per year. Know that if you wish to donate some cash to this developer, he can't, and Apple won't refund if you find this app won’t work for you. At Uncle Apple’s App Flea Market, it’s Buyer Beware. Pssst wanna buy a useless app?

Réponse du développeur ,

Hi Godsmike,
The 2 first advertising pictures have been made with RealCADD.
RealCADD is not an architectural software.
It doesn't know what is a wall or a door.
But you have tools to draw them as you want.
And you can draw sailboats, houses, mechanic drawings or all what you want.
The message "line only" is displaying when you use the tool "cut line" on other objects.
Do you have read the manual of RealCADD? or the manual made by the user which draws the sailboats?
Did you tried to ask questions by mail or on the RealCADD's forum?
RealCADD is a simple 2D CAD software for Mac, Windows and Linux.
Perhaps with another way to work that the CAD software you used before.
But what you say about RealCADD is not acceptable.
It is well known, there is no bad users, only bad tools.


21.1 Mo

OS X 10.10.0 ou une version ultérieure, un processeur 64 bits


Français, Allemand, Anglais

74,99 $US

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