Retuned is finally here! Change music from 440hz back to 432hz - warmer, more crisp, and energizing experience. Take control of your mental state through binaural sound therapy techniques. Increased memory, stamina, concentration, and much more.

- Save, edit, and delete custom playlists.
- Import music from device.
- Retune custom playlists.
- Add brainwaves to music or mix with other apps.
- Lock screen control of music player and album covers.
- Loop option for playlist tracks.
- In-depth information section.
- Adjust brainwave tone volume.
- Adjust music volume.
- Adjust master volume.
- Developer loved and supported.

Retuned Music:
-Retune your music from 440hz to 432hz. Retuning music creates a more vibrant experience of the sound. Harmonizing and vibrating our cells, feeling warmer and more clear.

Brainwave Entrainment:
-Alter mental and conscious states using binaural and monaural sound therapy techniques. Use with your playlist or mix with other streaming apps.

Solfeggio Tones: The brainwave entrainment collection has been created using the Solfeggio tones binaural collection by Universal Tones. These are sounds that have effects on water, emotion, human DNA, and more.

- Retuning music creates a more vibrant experience of the sound, harmonizing and vibrating cells. Music retuned is said to feel warmer and clearer.

- Creating a playlist with no tracks allows you to mix brainwave entrainment tones into other apps that stream or play music.

- Setting the brainwave entrainment to ‘14hz - Concentration’ and playing your favorite album will make it easier to concentrate on difficult tasks.

- Setting the brainwave entrainment to ‘7.83hz - Grounding’ can make you feel revitalized and refreshed.

- Our breath and pulse rate relate to the frequency of the lower octave of an A tunes to 432hz.

- 432hz scaled tuning correlates with the color spectrum while 440hz does not.

Q:What is music retuning?
A:Retuned takes the current playing track and alters its pitch from 440hz to 432hz to help promote a more enhanced musical experience.

Q:What is brainwave entrainment?
A:Brainwave entrainment is the act of training your brain to be in a specific mental state. The is done by splitting Solfeggio tones by an exact amount to achieve a desired effect. When the brain receives the two tones it tries to synchronize itself to the presented frequencies creating a pulse.

Q:What are Solfeggio tones?
A:These tones are split by the amount related with the selected entrainment. These tones are known for healing powers and the effects the have on water and DNA. This helps to heal the body while effecting the mind.

Q:How does the application work?
A:As an overview the application mixes brain altering tones while adjusting the music to vibrate with the body.

Q:How loud should I listen?
A:Any volume in the app will be effective, however, some prefer a louder tone volume to help concentration and focus.

Q:Is this safe?
A:Absolutely, there are no know negative side effects to brainwave entrainment and or music retuning.

Known Bugs:
1) Rare circumstances cause a buzzing noise. Restart the application or device to fix this issue.
- This has been addressed and will be in the next update.
2) In the event the phone dies while playing a playlist, on reboot the playlist will no longer play. Restart the application or device to fix this issue.
- This has been addressed and will be in the next update.

What’s New

Version 1.1

Major Fixes:
-App no longer crashes when switching songs or loading large audio files.

Minor bug fixes:
-Interface significantly faster.
-Pause button now working correctly while no binaural is selected.
-Rate button in options screen now works properly.

Ratings and Reviews

2.1 out of 5
37 Ratings

37 Ratings

Coastiestevie ,

Waste of money

It's honestly a waste of money. It doesn't really change the frequency. It just plays an annoying tone in the background. It's not worth the download. Go buy a nice song for 99¢

giraffehawk ,

Glitchy and difficult to navigate.

I love the concept of this, but there are a lot of subtle problems with the app and navigating around it can be quite frustrating. For an app that can play music at A=432hz, help with relaxation and centering; getting around within it, while experiencing issues like silence when you hit play, and the horrific tones it randomly spits out while attempting to relax are all infuriatingly frustrating.

Bryan Matos ,

My retuned experience

With all the issues it still does what it says and it's awesome being able to have all my songs retuned. It definitely changed my concept of listening to music. For me it was worth try to reopen all the time but now it's not working at all. To the creators of this app I'd say that an update would be great. It has potential and basically not competitors on App Store


BigBang, Inc.
18 MB

Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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