The first Multi-class Battle Royale Game for mobile. Choose heroes of different classes and skill sets. Summon mounts, team up to crush your enemies, and use magic abilities and epic weapons! Death is not the end as you revive as a baby dragon to seek your revenge!

1. [More and More New Heroes! Team Up! ]
Choose from Mage, Hunter, Engineer, Assassin and Warrior! Each class has a unique combination of weapons. Select any skills! Use any tactics! Stealth, dash, control or damage, etc., the choice is yours! A wide range of tactics and gameplay modes will give you an extraordinary gaming experience!

2. [Rule the Magical 3D World! Summon Mounts Whenever!]
Glide around a magical 3D world with beautiful views and breath-taking terrain. Tropical deserts overgrowing with cacti, palm trees and orcs. Beautiful green forests, brimming with humans. Cold, subalpine land covered in purple trees and elves! Enjoy an amazing visual experience!

3. [Revive as a Cute Dragon After Death!]
Hold out until you're revived to transform into a dragon! Enjoy fun game modes like ""hide-and-seek""! Beware of stones and wood, as they might be your ""enemies"" in disguise!

4. [Pray in a Sanctuary to Get Epic Equipment!]
Equip new equipment you receive from prayers and forge legendary items. Build up your defenses in an all-new sandbox mode. Hundreds of tactics are at your disposal, with all-round freedom of play.

5. [Revive teammates at the Goddess Statue]
Reviving teammates is a miraculous thing! When a teammate is killed, pick up their Essence and escort it to a Goddess Statue within a certain time.

6. [Relics: Dominate the Battlefield!]
All kinds of Relics are hidden all over the map, waiting to be found! Enhancement, defense, regeneration, displacement… All kinds of great attributes that will help you become a Champion!

Join us:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RideOutHeroes/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rideoutheroes_official/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ROH_Netease
Discord: discord.gg/6sCwNR5


版本 1.0.394182

1. New Content
*Spring Blossom: Spring Blossom-themed skins have been added to the Rose Rider Chest. Open for a chance to get the upgradable spring-themed Mount Skins - Servant of the Flower Fairy and Guiding Spirit; spring-themed The Guiding Light Skin - Green Fairy; and Exclusive Weapon Skin - Grass Wand. The radiant sunshine heralds the start of spring. The arrival of these skins will bring blossoms to this magical land.
After this week's update, the chance of obtaining Spring Blossom series skins will increase.
*New Arrivals in the Store: Grand Engineer Skin - Brass Ingot, Spray Paint - A little depressed.

2. Gameplay Improvements
*Limited-Time Free Hero: After the update on Apr. 9, Queen of Snow will become a free hero for a limited time.
*Character Animation: We overhauled the character movement animations: characters now have more detailed animations when moving in different directions.
*Performance Improvements: We've improved game performance and reduced lag issues.

3. Bug Fixes
*We fixed the issue with the Underground Champion skill - Darkness Rising, where you couldn't change direction while dashing.


4.1(满分 5 分)
446 个评分

446 个评分


Love it, however....

I love the game and spent some money in order to get some cosmetic stuff. I don’t have any complaints other than the constant crashes. It literally effects my ability to win a match. No matter what I change in the settings the crashes remain. I play on a mini 4. I have no issues with other games at max graphics in the same genre.

The game does throw you right back into the battle once you log back in but by then I have been killed (most occasions). All that said... I still love this game. I’m sure it’s being worked on already and look forward to a less crash experience in the near future.


A gem

Honestly this is a great game, there is a lot of content and future content to be had!! Love that you get rewarded very well for just playing and if you do well then they take notice and put you in elite which is a cool idea to me! Also I love the season pass/battle pass style! It’s easy to level up with out even having the paid version! It plays very similar to Realm Royale but honestly runs smoother and that’s wild considering I play realm on a ps4 lol only “con” I guess you could say is there is a lot of menus and paid stuff to sift through and I could imagine you spending a good chunk of money on the offers lol! But if you have some self control and look past all the menus and offer it’s great! And who knows if you like it you should go ahead and grab one of those offers cause it helps support the devs! But if your looking for a flavorful battle royale with mounts, ability’s, talents, characters and fun overall gameplay then take the time to download this gem! Keep up the good work guys!


Great Game!

I honestly love this game so much! The overall concept of this game is very unique and entertaining compared to many other similar PvP games that only use guns or have the same features. I’ve played many other far more well-known games such as PUBG or Fortnite and I’m very surprised that this game doesn’t have as many players. Out of all of those games, this is the only game I come back to every time.

There are a few glitches here and there and I’ve never entered the Elite Stage because there’s rarely enough players online. With enough modifications and improvements, I truly believe this game could become bigger. It would be even better with more players online.

Anyways, thank you for this amazing game. Good luck to everyone. I hope all goes well for Ride Out Heroes.


Hong Kong Netease Interactive Entertainment Limited
1.4 GB

系统要求:iOS 9 或更高版本。兼容设备:iPhone、iPad、iPod touch。



App 内购买项目
  1. 500 diamonds $4.99
  2. 1000 diamonds $9.99
  3. 100diamonds $0.99


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