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Riich developed by the Riich Me Pte Lt, the Cambodian start-up company, based in Singapore. It is well-known as the Social E-Commerce Network that was built and dedicated for the betterment, Riich provides a Digital & E-Commerce Solutions, trade & wholesales solutions for the M-SMEs. This unique platform was integrated the Social Network and E-Commerce by giving opportunities for its users to earn from the Earning & Loyalty Program (ELP) and the opportunity to be a Netpreneur. If you are looking for additional or passive income, then Riich is the right place.

Providing New Experiences to the Next Level
To share our desire to change the way people think and act on social media and digital
solutions – by adding e-commerce functions to help our members to earn money
and build up a passive income streams. We do this by facilitating large organizations to operate more effectively and efficiently with our proposed digital systems and services.

To the Micro-Businesses – The individual who wants to own an e-commerce business without having a product. The Micro-Business member can own an e-commerce store and add thousands of products to the individual stores to resell and earn PASSIVE income.
To Small & Medium Businesses- Riich Me provides an e-commerce platform that integrates sales management system (SMS), customers’ relationship management (CRM), inventory management (IM). Riich Me allows SMEs to digitize their traditional business, triple sales revenues with sales automated system and increase returned sales.

For Enterprise/Large Organizations - Riich Me simplifies the way organizations can operate on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis through our diversified services, such as website and mobile app development, database, sales and enterprise resource management.

Riich Me plays an active role in Industry 4.0, integrating Business, E-commerce networks, empowered with personalized sales management and digitalizing systems.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to email us at info@riich.me. 

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Phiên bản 2.8

- Fixed some bugs and performance improvement

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