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RM-1 Wave Modulator

RM-1 is a multi purpose audio effect designed around various types of modulation.

Featuring a built-in carrier oscillator, multimode filter, envelope follower and low frequency oscillator, RM-1 creates new sounds by combining carrier waveform and the audio input in different ways.

Types of modulation:
- Ring Modulation (virtual analog)
- Ring Modulation (digital)
- Amplitude Modulation
- Phase Modulation (DX-style FM)
- Frequency Modulation (linear)

- Built-in carrier oscillator with variable wave-shape (sine->square)
- Built-in multimode Filter (LP, HP, BP)
- Built-in Envelope Follower and LFO

- Standalone (MIC, USB audio)
- IAA / Audiobus
- AUv3 Plugin


Versione 1.1

- Added a Side-chain input to allow processing of two independent instruments or effects as opposed to using the internal oscillator as a carrier.
- Changed AUv3 plugin name to display the full name rather than just RM-1
- Minor visual tweaks.

Valutazioni e recensioni

4,7 su 5
15 valutazioni

15 valutazioni

fixamac ,

Best Ring Modulator App in Existence!

I’ve been looking for a perfect ring modulator app for well over a year, and my dad came across this app recently. This app is absolutely perfect in every way and it is so relieving to have an app that accomplishes as much as some high end guitar gear! (I’d also like to mention the real reason why I bought this app, I needed it to make voices for a Dalek from Doctor Who, and it absolutely delivers!) I couldn’t be more pleased with this app, it is well worth everything and you won’t be disappointed if you’ve been looking for a Ring Modulator! A+++

Money Bucks ,

Everything I could want for this variety of app

This app has a great, well laid out GUI, sounds great, and explains it functions in a clear, accessible way. In the time I spent with it, I’ve found that everything functions as it should. It’s even an audio unit, which is a must for me! 5 stars. Thanks for bringing a ring modulator to the iOS music making environment.

Oceans in space ,

Way cooler than normal

This effect suite is more intricate and amazing than most other ring mods for sure. The filters are ace and this thing rocks on bass, just need some creativity and experimenting and the results can be sweet yet nuts.

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