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The Roav Charger app is designed to complement the Roav Smart Car Charger F2.

Easy-To-Use Features:

- Find My Car
- Fast FM Radio Frequency Tuner
- Instantly Pair with Smart Car Charger F2

What is Roav Smart Car Charger F2?

F2 is a Bluetooth FM transmitter with built-in charging capabilities. F2 pairs with your smartphone to broadcast calls, music, and navigation directions to your car's FM radio so you can hear everything using your car's speakers.

How the Find My Car feature works

1. After you have paired F2 with the Roav Charger app, when you stop your engine, the Roav Charger app will lock onto your F2's GPS location automatically.
2. When you can't remember where you parked, use this app to find your way back to your car.
3. Walk in the direction the arrow points.
4. When you are close to your car, the Roav Charger app will display "Nearby".

If you have any questions regarding the Roav app, please contact us at


版本 1.3.8

1. Increase the stability of device connection.


4.8(满分 5 分)
1.1万 个评分

1.1万 个评分


Roav Review

So far I am pretty satisfied with the Roav FM transmitter, I like the functions to find your car, and I also like the ability to adjust brightness and I also enjoy the ability to adjust the preset station for the transmitter off of the app. However, I am a firm believer that we have bunch more room to fit in more functions and capabilities. I think that certain features can be modified. A good example is the device could carry its own tracking device that operates and pings through cell towers in case someone steals your car. I say this because I have now had multiple vehicles stolen from me. Another feature that would be cool to see would be the ability to speak to text. The ability to just freely talk like how you would with Alexa would be great.

DJ Stinky

Luv this app!

So far the app and charger work like a champ. This app is stable and the charger too. I wish it worked with iOS “Do Not Disturb while Driving”. The device is a simple Bluetooth audio to FM transmitter device. It really doesn’t do much more. It is nice that you can change the FM frequency with the app, though it is not needed, since you can change the frequency directly from the charger. i just wish the app had more integration with iOS itself, such as Siri compatibility, or Siri Shortcuts compatibles. Parking location feature is cute, though you can already do this with Apple Maps. All in all, I would definitely recommend this.


So polite (And useful)

Not only was this the most polite request for a review that an app has given me for a reviews in my entire experience with the App Store, the app is useful.

I only have the 3-Port charger, no FM adapter or anything, but it’s an effective charger and the additional functions are useful. Being able to change the color of the ring is a nice bonus but the big thing for me is that I can actually monitor the charge of my car’s battery.

Maybe not a huge deal for some people, but if you pay attention to things you can catch a failing battery before it leaves you stranded in a parking lot unable to start your car.

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