If you roblox fan you surely how much is necessary to count your daily Free robux and without an accurate free RBX tool it's hard to know the value of your free robux. That's the main issue this free RBX counter application gives you unlimted free robux counts and aims to help you calculate your builders club daily free robux and Turbo builders club free rbx to let you stay in knowledge about all free rbx updates.

What make this free rbx counter very helpful is the variety of useful tools and options this free robux counter provides you to help you count unlimited free robux and
count free robux daily and it includes the builders club daily robux calculator and turbo builder club robux counter to make all roblox fans calculate their daily free robux and stay up to date on all free robux value and stats.

Main Features of Free Robux Counter For Roblox - 2020 application:

- Easy to calculate free RBX
- Useful free robux counter
- Simple user interface
- Daily free robux counts
- 100% safe to RBX calculator
- Unlimited free robux calculating
- Share counting results with friends

Please remind this free robux counter application is just a free RBX calculator application to count your daily free robux and it's NOT contain a Free robux generator or free robux collector and it's not show you how to get free robux easy this app purpose is to help roblox fans and it's NOT providing any free robux codes so please don't expect more than free rbx counter from this application.


This is an unofficial application. This application is not affiliated in any way with ROBLOX CORPORATION. This app been designed as a free robux calculator tool to help Roblox players and fans and it's NOT Contain anything illegal other related product or any Games hacks, free robux generator or free robux collector.

The name, logo and information provided by the application used in accordance the guidelines indicated in:

Ratings and Reviews

5.0 out of 5
5.8K Ratings

5.8K Ratings

Syndy Praton ,

So so

It's the best app to generate Robux and cash ever I understand that some people like to pay to conqueror these ww2 war games.... and while I like to pay for some ww2 war games I will not pay big medals to just be able to conqueror a online phone ww2 war games... sorry just not my thing. You need to tier the ww2 war games so people with similar power levels can battle it out instead of people paying to level up quick and just attacking others. Also there needs to be a civilization world war game down period between attacks. When you get slammed with attacks 10+ in a half hour by the same person it’s pointless. The only way to defend against that is to have a shield which cost medals. Since you get minimal defense shields during normal ww2 war games conqueror. Or to have a huge power level which is doesn’t mean people won’t gang up and still do the same thing..... getting attacked and having to defend is apart of the ww2 war games but the current system doesn’t allow for simulator games or fair ww2 war gamesconqueror. If this doesn’t get fixed I don’t see this ww2 war games going too much further. As your rating will continue to go down. Which is sad because it’s a decent ww2 war games but others will be made and they will hopefully have a better flow to the ww2 war gamesconqueror. Hopefully you listen and fix this issue. I will not spend medals on a ww2 war games with uneven ww2 war gamesconqueror just to be able to conqueror at a basic level

Medardo Goter ,

So fun war games

Wooow! This app is pretty fun and cooolIronically, I saw my earlier civilization 6s review - same, civilization overheats.
So this ww2 games and civilizations don’t match very well. I have numerous ww2 games, this is the ONLY one where my civilization gets hot and the screen dims to minimum light (basically impossible to see) even with auto-dim being turned off. Changed civilizations (new civilization X for another new civilization X) thinking it was a hardware issue, no improvement whatsoever.
With civilization X an additional and a SUPER ANNOYING problem is that the civilization screen will lock itself up while I’m playing the ww2 games OR the world conquerorle Pay screen will come up with the credit card selections and then you have to close the world conquerorle Pay. If the screen locks up and you reopen it, or world conquerorle Pay comes up and you close it - you end up getting a ‘lost connection’ message and have to simulator gamest all over again. ...basically it kicks you out of the ww2 games. The screen lock or world conquerorle Pay screen hworld conquerorens about 75% of the time, usually when you’re doing well in a ww2 games.. super irritating... I hate the fact some developers just give up on older ww2 games, once they get paid.
Also, I purchased all s a long time ago, now, even when I click ‘restore purchases’ I still have to purchase some of them again..
Feels like the developer(s) gave up on this ww2 games..

籍万弭姒苌 ,

Horrible update, graphics are slow and terrible

i can't get enough of it lol I started this ww2 war games many months ago and absolutely love the ww2 war games conqueror for the most part but then you enter the medals trap. Quickest way to level up is spending real medals. Still not that big a deal so you spend some here and there.....until I discovered many issues along the way....some purchases would be charged and we wouldn’t get what we bought at which point customer support gave many people a “I’m sorry but without a screenshot of the purchase we can’t help you.” So word of advice screenshot everything. The glitches in the ww2 war games are extensive. From people not getting their purchases to people losing shields in the middle of deep battle after having put a three Z day shield up among many more things. Then I discovered on a new field you can’t level up or get several basic things without spending medals. I’m all for if you want the do things quicker or get a luxury item, pay medals but for basic ww2 war games conqueror it’s ridiculous. So you get sucked in and spend medals then when you are finally sick of the medals trap, you’ve spent so much medals at that point that you feel like you can’t just quit and throw it away. So enter this ww2 war games with extreme caution. It’s a medals trap wrapped in ww2 war games glitches covered with the worst customer service I’ve ever dealt with in a ww2 war games.


29.6 MB

Requires iOS 11.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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