Mit einem Alarm im Klang des Kosmos wirst Du aus dem Schlag geführt, um einen neuen Tag willkommen zu heißen.

--Raketenalarm: Die unterhaltsamste Designuhr der Welt. Mit eingebauten iPhone Beschleuniger, Masserechner, Kamera und Mikrofon, um Deinen Interaktionen mehr Spaß zu verleihen. Raketenalarm ist eine neue, spaßige Art zu erwachen: Schüttle Dein Telefon durch, löse verrückte Matheaufgaben und löse Lächel- und Pusteaufgaben, um den Alarm abzustellen.

--Schicke eine Erinnerung an den Jemanden, an den Du denkst, um ihn/sie an Frühstück, mehr Sport, mehr Wasser trinken oder am 15. jedes Monats die Kreditkarte zu bezahlen zu erinnern... egal, ob es Dein Partner, Kollege oder Vorgesetzter ist. Antippen, um jemanden zu erinnern:

--Wenn Du gegen Weckrufe am Morgen immun bist, solltest Du Raketenalarm ausprobieren. Glaube mir, vor der Anwendung von Raketenalarm war es super schwer für mich, aus dem Bett zu kommen.


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754 Bewertungen

754 Bewertungen

ENC10817 ,


Let me start by saying I love this concept. However, I’m a bit confused. I tested the games out yesterday and the alarm was going off fine. I set my alarm for 8:00 the next morning and was excited to try it. The alarm didn't go off until 8:47 (luckily it was Saturday and I didn’t have anywhere to be). I will say that the game I played definitely woke me up - it was a struggle and my still half asleep self yelled a curse word loudly which my boyfriend thought was pretty funny. Unfortunately, right after completing the game and locking my phone the alarm started again, and I had to do the game *again.* Thinking I was finally done, the alarm went off once more and after that time I had to delete the alarm. I really hope the developers can solve these issues because I struggle to wake up in the mornings and that was the first time in a long time that an alarm actually worked for me.

AnneKMT123 ,

I’m Fairly Fond of This, But...

I have a tendency to sleep through my alarms, so I’m always looking for ways to make sure I’m awake. I really appreciate this app, I’ve been using it for about a week and it works for me. I mostly use the shaking activity, as it’s the most vigorous of the free activities, but it works pretty effectively. I enjoy the graphics, the colors, the cute little characters, and I love the variety and sound of the alarm noises.

My favorite feature of the app—I am absolutely in love with how persistent it is. There’s no snooze button, and if the alarm goes off and you just close the app or try to get off the screen, it keeps making noises and buzzing and sending you alerts and the only way you can turn it off is by completing the task in the app. It’s like a dog that wants to wake you up, and I really really like that. It’s so easy to whoosh away other alarms, but this one wants to make sure you’re awake and out of bed.

My biggest complaint by far, which I’ve seen echoed in a few reviews, is that the alarms don’t work when your phone is muted. I know a lot of people turn their phone’s sound off at night so they can sleep through Facebook notifications and whatnot, so finding out you slept through your alarm because you muted your phone must be terribly frustrating. Personally, I still set extra alarms on my phone’s clock app just in case, but sometimes you just want one alarm. If that got fixed, I’d give this a solid five stars.

Dust607714 ,

Alarm Didn’t Shut Off

I downloaded this app because when I’ve found that when I wake up to my regular alarm I tend to hit snooze and fall back asleep immediately and then wake up hours later with no recollection of what happened. I hoped that requiring interaction to turn off the alarm would be effective in getting me out of bed and to class. I tried it over the weekend when I took a short nap and I have no idea what happened. I never set my phone on Do Not Disturb so according to other reviews there should have been no problem. But my alarm went off two hours after the time I had set it for and after I completed the initial task, it continued to ring loudly while asking me to complete the task again and again. Since the app is literally designed so that you cannot hit snooze, and I had never used it before so I was unfamiliar anyway, I know that the delay in the alarm was not my doing, partially also because I have never hit snooze for over two hours. After completing the task at least three times, the alarm still would not go off for more than five seconds so I completely shut down the app hoping that would end it. Somehow, it kept going despite the fact that I had shut the app off, even though it should have been restarted and turned the alarm off. I had to delete the app in its entirety to finally get it to stop. It was effective in waking me up, but only because it would not turn off the way it supposedly has been designed to. Never again.


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