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Learn and improve math and arithmetic (+ - × ÷) effectively & fast. Suitable for all ages.

All math arithmetic operations (+ - × ÷)
* Addition (+)
* Subtraction (-)
* Multiplication (× including small multiplication tables)
* Division (÷)

* Write naturally as on paper
We have developed an intuitive handwriting input.

* Increasing difficulty
Tasks automatically adapt to the children's abilities.

* Learning playfully
The app motivates with great rewards and a bonus system.

* No ads.
* No personal data.
* Fair and transparent.
* Developed with teachers and educators.


Version 1.1.1

Improved performance and stability as well as support for new devices.

Notes et avis

4,3 sur 5
701 notes

701 notes

Olymbitis ,

No. 9!

Much better after the little advice you provided by feedback to the below. Thank you!
Huge issue with app. recognizing the number 9. One in 10 times it will read (recognize) it as such, the rest it shows you have the wrong answer.
Please fix. Very annoying and quite undeserving for your otherwise hard work.
Thanks and all the best.

Réponse du développeur ,

Hey, start the 9 at the top and don't lift the finger. So write both numbers in one go. If that doesn't help, please contact us at We really want to help. Thank you.

Dan Liu & Jun Yin ,

5 year old obsessed

5 year old isn't a fan of math and is a slow learner. But he demanded to do hundreds of addition and subtractions by finger counting (slowly remembering some facts and learning tricks) to earn points and puzzle pieces I do have to write all the numbers so he doesn't get frustrated by handwriting. The random timer questions are genius as it motivated him to remember facts or count faster. He also asked me to teach him multiplication and division so that he can collect more puzzle pieces, and he learned them in one go. One feedback is I’m not sure why the division sign is a colon.

Caitnacramirez ,

is fun 😘😘😘😘😘

I do like this app to Learn is fun and you have correct one thing you have a puzzle 🧩 and more puzzle

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