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Unique merge puzzle experience!
Throw balls to the correct spot and watch them merge and getting higher values.
Beat the levels and reach highest score!

It is a brand new 2048 merge puzzle!


Sürüm 1.10

- Bug fixes and performance issues.

Oylar ve Yorumlar

3,4 B Oy

3,4 B Oy

BeckOfTheWoods ,

I like it, but ads can be annoying

I like this game, it’s nice, aesthetically pleasing, satisfying and super simple. I really like it and it’s nice to play between small free time when I just want something kind of mind-numbing to do for 5 minutes that won’t take too much attention. However, it does have a lot of ads. My biggest thing with games like this is the constant ads, and this game does have frequent ads. It can be annoying but personally I like the game despite it and am willing to just wait 30s to play more, but if you aren’t, this game might not be for you. But personally, I think it’s worth it.

vivasuzi ,

Addicting relaxing game

I like this game as something to just click away at. The only thing missing is it doesn’t keep track of streaks. I wish you could see your “best” streak (how many balls did you roll before you had to try again) and also your highest number you’ve ever merged to.

lilskelly ,

Horrible marketing strategy and to many ads

The game itself is a fun game to pass the time but theres way to many ads i cant even play the game for 5 seconds without one popping up and that messes me up with where i want to aim the ball sometimes and when it stops giving you a ball of a certain number it leaves one in the circle and doesnt give you that number anymore so that its stuck there unless you buy a bomb or something like that which messes you up even farther the whole game is based around you buying the powerups which most no one would do and on the leaderboard when you get to top 10 it says you get a reward but i never got any coins from the game at all overall its not a great game to play long term

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