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Rover es la app número 1 en cuidado de mascotas y paseo de perros. Encuentra un cuidado de perros de confianza y por tu zona, como por ejemplo alojamiento de perros, guardería de día o paseo de perros.

La app Rover ha sido creada por y para amantes de los perros (The Dog People TM). Mediante la app, puedes recibir fotos adorables, un rastreo del paseo de tu perro mediante GPS, enviar mensajes a los cuidadores, manejar tu actividad fácilmente y reservar y pagar de forma segura.

Con más de 200.000 cuidadores de perros y paseadores de perros alrededor de Europa, Reino Unido, Estados Unidas y Canadá, Rover te ayuda a reservar un cuidado de perros de confianza, cerca de tu zona.

El 95% de los servicios que cuentan con reseñas, reciben una puntuación perfecta de 5 estrellas.
Rover acepta menos del 20% de los cuidadores potenciales, porque tu perro merece al mejor.
Cada servicio reservado en Rover está respaldado por la Garantía Rover y un equipo de atención al cliente los 365 días del año.

Contacta y envíales mensajes a los cuidadores y paseadores de perros desde la app. Recibe mensajes de los cuidadores donde quiera que estés.
Pagos seguros y sin complicaciones, siempre.
Recibe un mapa del paseo de tu perro, alertas cuando haya hecho pis/c**a o cuando haya comido/bebido y una nota personalizada de tu cuidador o paseador de perros.

Envía fotos, vídeos y mensajes a los dueños de los perros con solo unos toques.
Cobra donde sea que estés, es simple y seguro con la app Rover.
Gestiona tu actividad sin problemas, incluso si estás en el parque para perros.
Habilita notificaciones push para responder más rápido a las solicitudes de reserva.
Crea informes Rover para compartir información con los dueños de los perros sin problemas.

Rover ha aparecido en:
Time Out
Evening Standard
The Telegraph
Y muchos más!

Nota: Rover usa la información de la ubicación para el rastreo de servicios activos. El uso continuo del GPS puede disminuir considerablemente la vida útil de la batería.


Versión 19.12.31

En Rover trabajamos constantemente para mejorar el producto y corregir errores puntuales para que tu experiencia sea la mejor posible.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.9 de 5
200.1 k valoraciones

200.1 k valoraciones

NickDxx ,

Great resource

I am a hairdresser, so I don’t get out of work until 7pm which is usually the cutoff pickup times for most doggy daycares. I used this service and even made friends with some of my sitters! This app is slightly buggy (for some reason my friend who is on the sitting end of this and right near me doesn’t show up on the map for me, also, it doesn’t let you have the sitters listed by distance). But it’s such a good app. It’s great to have people who love dogs watch your pup, and have flexibility. Oh but one thing- it would be nice to be able to block sitters (probably customers as well) who don’t work out. I had someone not good and I can’t make a notation and she pops up on my rebook page, and in my search. Also- it would be nice if there were some way to work with the fact that I’m using the filter that I have a puppy, but get filtered out because he isn’t fixed. Many people say they take puppies, and I assume they would be fine since he’s too young to fix until he’s 6 months old! Normally I’d agree with that rule- but adult dogs and infant puppies not fixed are entirely different things!

Sassylandi ,

I love keeping doggies!

I love the doggie keeping aspect....but I have found that even though I’ve had a criminal background check none of the owners are as vetted. When my prices were lower I only had one legit owner that’s awesome, now about 3....but some were scary...especially people who approached me to house sit. I’m not going to the silence of the lamb place to keep a dog. I called and asked rover to check out an owner that I felt uneasy and they said no they do not check owners. This is scary to me. I raised my prices and some of that stopped. Also I clearly state no aggressive breeds and now I find out that rover will call around for the owner and find them a sitter when they need help finding a place. They will lower your rating when you decline a stay...even when you say you clearly state that. No one reads your post! Rover doesn’t require vet paper which is bogus! I do personally or I won’t watch a dog, but come on Rover! Protect the dogs and humans! Rover needs to offer contracts for sitters in case a dog years up your stuff or bites someone. They need to help protect the sitter. I’ve not had any bad incidents to date but this should be signed by dog owners. They also need more interview questions from owners about the dogs. Owners get in a hurry and might forget to say something like the dog likes his crate in the bedroom with you or he gets’s the little details that help me know what your pup loves!

Apeelvis ,

Need a better way to filter

Here are my thoughts. We use Rover or try to use rover while we travel with our dog. 50% of the time we end up using a professional boarding location as opposed to a rover person. Here’s why. Many if not most of the rover hosts are doing this to earn extra money. Which sounds great and all but there are draw backs. Typically we will have to contact 6 to 10 hosts in order to find one that is available. Why is it that people have themselves lists on the app if they are not available. Even ubuer has the option to turn availability on and off. There is nothing more frustrating then reading through the profile finding the perfect fit for our dog then reaching out only to have them say ....”Sorry I’m not available”. This happens over and over and over. Again this just happened so we are going with a local professional boarding business.

Another filter option Rover needs to add is filter by hosts that accept un-neutered males. We have a large bread mastiff. It is recommended to wait until a minimum of 18 months to neuter in order to limit joint and growth problems. So again when you read through all the profiles and find the perfect host only to have the app tell you they don’t accept unfixed males when you try to contact them. Why not filter those profiles out before out base on our dog’s profile? Or make it a filter option.

Anyway rover is a neat concept but only 50/50 in usefulness.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hello, thank you so much for taking the time to leave this detailed feedback. We’re constantly looking to improve the booking experience and appreciate your insight on our current search features. If you are ever in need of assistance when searching for a sitter, please don't hesitate in contacting our Support Team at 888-453-7889. Thanks again for your feedback!


A Place for Rover, Inc.
202.7 MB

Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Francés, Inglés, Italiano, Neerlandés, Noruego bokmål, Sueco

Esta app podría utilizar tu ubicación aunque no la tengas abierta, lo cual puede consumir la batería de tu dispositivo.


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