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Applesfera: "Una aplicación que funciona bien, muy sencilla de usar y cuya opción de optimizar ofrece unos buenos resultados sin dañar la calidad original..."

Redimensiona, optimiza o cambia de formato tus imágenes de la forma más sencilla que jamás hayas visto. Rsizer es una potente app con una interfaz sencilla y muchas posibilidades:

- Redimensiona imágenes (por tamaño o porcentaje)
- Optimiza imágenes para reducir su tamaño en disco
- Crea archivos de definición estándar a partir de imágenes @2x y @3x
- Cambia en unos pocos segundos entre JPG, PNG y TIFF
- Guarda presets con tus ajustes favoritos
- Compresión en zip del resultado de las operaciones para mayor comodidad
- Ajustes variables (mejor optimización, más velocidad...)

Sencilla, rápida y efectiva. Así es Rsizer, tu nueva app para modificar imágenes en unos segundos.

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Versión 1.0.1

Arreglado un fallo en OS X Mavericks.

Valoraciones y reseñas

storeE8 ,

Great Interface - Needs some added Options Features

Nice one! I landed on this after one of the optimizer freebies I found online started slowing my computer down, and this is a nice & pretty app suited perfecty for Mac OS.

One thing I absolutely LOVED about the other one I was using was that, when optimizing, it overwrote the image I processed. Right there - Bam - no choosing a folder to save to, no Automatic folder creation for each and every file processed (which I then need to navigate to…). I’m an adult, I can make a copy of my file beforehand - Promise I won’t mess anything up ;)
So really, I don’t even understand why there’s a “Save Original” toggle - since saving anything to the original folder it’s in will automatically create a new numerically indexed folder no matter what. To me, creating a folder bearing the filename would make a lot more sense, at least as a preferred Option. Really, I’d rather just process the original where it is and have it overwritten.

Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll use this for a while until I can find what I’m looking for - This missing feature (and unidentifiable index naming structure) means I can’t incorporate it into my (very fast) daily workflow.

I’d visit the developer site for more info/ to send feedback but it’s a nasty Flash site :(

Lydander300 ,

Time Saver

I’ve spent way too much time preping images for websites and screenshots for various app store sizes. Looking forward to getting my time back. Love having multiple great options in one place as well so I don’t need seperate apps to do resizing, optimizing, and converting. Would be interesting to see some sort of renaming preferences or feature to help with renaming multiple images, but totally not necessary. Thanks for providing this.

Alex King Creative ,


Been looking for something slick and simple like this for a long time. I’d love to see a Menubar option to drag the photo to the menu bar and have a dialogue come up with the options. At first impression, it’s great! Thanks a lot!


Mario Martin Guerras
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OS X 10.9 o posterior, procesador de 64 bits


Español, Inglés



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