RTFDLabeler 4+


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High-quality printing on commercially available labels is possible. You can also print on a CD label.

This is the application for displaying two or more one manuscripts and printing them in 1 page.
By indicating more than one, it prints on a commercial label paper at once.
The document file of a rich text file with a picture, Microsoft Word, or OpenOffice.org created using TextEdit can be used as a manuscript. And you can create text documents in Rich Text Format Directory using RTFDLabeler.
When you open RTFDLabeler a dialog appears.In the dialog,you can select RTFDLabeler in the iCloud section of sidebar, then click New Document.You new document is saved in RTFDLabeler in iCloud section.
It will become a colorful label if a background image and a background color are set up.
The sample of a data file which defines the layout of commercial papers, such as a label card and a card, is downloadable from a support site.


バージョン 12.4

Fixed a bug that crashes when page setup is done before replacing the printer, and then page setup is done after uninstalling the printer.




All you can ask for is something to do what it is suppose to. This app does. I was able to setup and print labels within minutes. It has saved me hundreds of dollars within the first week of being able to create and print labels instead of outsourcing.



Data Not Collected

The developer does not collect any data from this app.



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