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Healthy For Love!
runcobo is the top app to be a healthier. The app can track your body compositions (BMI, body fat percentage , body water , bone mass , the rate of subcutaneous fat , visceral fat levels, basal metabolism body age , muscle mass and so on),and cloud -based intelligent data analysis and tracking , providing the perfect healthy body composition analysis charts and reports。 At the same time the full support of the family used together , allowing you to understand the health status of the family anywhere .
In iPhone based on IOS8 , when you use our smart body scales measuring body composition , weight, percentage of body fat , fat weight, height, body mass index (BMI), height and resting calorie consumption data will be synchronized to HealthKit in .
* For your privacy and HealthKit data IMPORTANT:
1. If the user has landed , after the first application into the cloud combo , you will be asked whether you want to synchronize your body measurement data and HealthKit, you want to cloud combo written authorization to HealthKit information from HealthKit permission to read the information . Then, you can view or change these permissions in the source of HealthKit .
2. If the new registered users in the registration screen, you will be asked whether you want to synchronize your body measurement data and HealthKit, cloud combo you want to write information and authorization to read information from HealthKit permissions to HealthKit in . Then, you can view or change these permissions in the source of HealthKit .


版本 1.7.2

Related optimizations and performance improvements


3.3(满分 5 分)
49 个评分

49 个评分


Has some kinks, but still works

This scale can connect either by Bluetooth or WiFi. It gives you not only your weight, but your body fat percentage, BMI, etc..
When you step on the scale, it loads the information into the app. The only problem I have with this app is that it keeps telling me I’m not connected to WiFi, (which I clearly am). It still loads the information into the app, But it is so frustrating to get that message every single time I step on the scale.


Better than expected

3 years later, our CS20C is still going strong.

The app and scale have worked flawlessly since day one. I was surprised by how easy to use, by how much data is present, and by how easy to use the app is.

With the app open I can step on the scale and see my weight updating in real-time. If I don’t have the app open it will update via Wi-Fi when I open the app later. I’ve had to revoke and re-link to my Fitbit app only once when it stopped updating, but that’s not hard to do and I honestly don’t need to see my weight on two apps. I only need to update it periodically I’m case I stop using Runcobo or it stops working for some reason.

I will note one things that kind of irks me: the app needs precise location permission before it will allow you to connect to wifi. That makes no sense whatsoever. It literally will not allow you to even see the available wifi in your home until you update this setting in the permissions.

This is my first and only smart scale. Maybe they’re all great, but I’ll continue to use Runcobo in the future unless I see that bad reviews or no app support next time I need one. Knock on wood, that won’t be for a while.


Works Great

Very easy set up with WiFi and Bluetooth. Weights get updated over WiFi and pushed to the cloud without phone being nearby, and the syncs with Apple Health app just fine. Not sure if they did an update vs what others are saying, but everything is working like they advertised! Very easy peasy! As for the metrics outside of body weight — they useless lol. Even DEXA scans using low-dose X-Ray has a margin of error... these numbers are going be way off (for any scale you buy buy)... I’m just using for the easy weight tracking! (: (: great great.

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