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***Validation published on the Journal of Applied Biomechanics***

We know you love running, but do you know how do you run?

Designed by sport scientists & coaches of elite runners, Runmatic is the first scientifically designed app that analyzes your running and sprinting technique to help you to improve your performance and prevent injuries.

Runmatic takes advance of the slowmotion recording capabilities of your iOS devices to accurately analyze your running and sprinting technique. Using scientifically validation equations, Runmatic calculates the contact-flight times, force, efficiency, frequency and even the asymmetry of your legs in a simple, accurate way. Runmatic can also analyze your stride informing about relevant variables such as pronation, pelvic drop or strike pattern, which could help you prevent injuries.

Runmatic is an extraordinary tool for sprint analysis as well. It can measure total time, splits and contact/flight times with a precision comparable to professional timing gates. Moreover, it can create Kinograms (following the methodology by ALTIS) to analyze the quality of motion of each phase of the sprint. You can even calculate the most relevant angles of your body!

****Pr. Jean-Benoit Morin, PhD, Expert in running biomechanics: "This is a very useful app to evaluate and monitor the mechanics of the runners' strides. It's accurate, it's scientifically validated and it uses equations derived from our research (Morin et al., 2005). The tools often used to perform this kind of analyses are much more expensive and generally less practical for the general population. Runmatic solves this problem and allows runners to analyze and monitor their running mechanics in an easy way"

****Arturo Casado, Olympic runner, 2010 European 1500m Champion: "Runmatic is very helpful for my training. It let me better understand how do I run, which is critical to improve my running economy and, therefore, my performance. Is like a lab in my pocket!"

Runmatic has a lot of great features that will help you monitor your running and sprinting performance in a very simple, yet powerful way:

-Calculate contact time, flight time, frequency, max force, displacement of the center of mass and leg stiffness with scientific accuracy
-Analyze your stride to calculate your pelvic drop, pronation and strike patter, which could help you prevent injuries.
-Measure total time, splits and contact and flight times of your sprints.
-Analyze the quality of the sprint by creating Kinograms (ALTIS methodology).
-Multi-user: create as many users as you want
-iCloud sync (iOS13 only)
-Progress analysis: save as many runs as you want and see your progress through time to check if you have improved or worsened your performance. You can even see the percent of change from one test to another!
-Data export: export your whole database to a csv file and play with your data in Excel!
-Universal app: purchase once and install it on your iPhone, iPad or Mac (10.15+)

Runmatic, analyze your running/sprinting mechanics and improve your performance!


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5,0 de 5
1 valoración

1 valoración

SwearIAmNotAKaren ,

Needs update for iPhone 12 mini

The screen on the stopwatch doesn’t support the screen size of the iPhone 12 mini. Half the record/stop button is cut off, and you can’t even see the start of split buttons to use the stopwatch. Completely useless on this new device.

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