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Alarm clock talking for 30 min

hideo nakamura

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This app is a set of "clock", "alarm clock", "time signal" and "timer".

The menu is displayed by touching the screen.

Function 1: Alarm clock

An alarm clock that tells you the current time.
Continue talking or making sounds for 1 hour.
Along the way, it will also notify you of the elapsed time.

This application uses one set of 75 kinds of pictograms.
The alarm will stop once you clear the game.
In addition, the strength of the game can be adjusted in advance.

The strength of the game can be checked with the test switch.

Depending on the difficulty setting, it can be used as a simple alarm clock or a powerful alarm clock.

on the same day or the next day
The next alarm to sound is displayed at the top of the screen.
Function 2: Time signal

Only one setting can be registered.
Monday to Friday,
Speak the time in 5 minute increments from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
*This is an example of setting.

If you have an IPad sleeping in your room that you don't use, I think it would be a good idea to use it instead of a clock.

Please note that the time signal will not sound when you exit the app.

It is a convenient function in an environment where you can use it without worrying about the battery.
Function 3: Timer

It is a timer that measures the time after setting the target time in advance.

By setting goals, you can find out what you are capable of.
By continuing to work hard after knowing your ability,
Get closer to your goals faster and more efficiently than trying vaguely.

It is 1 hour timer.
Overtime measurement is also up to 1 hour.

Points to note about this app
* Only the alarm function uses the notification function.
If you do not allow us to notify you,
"Alarm clock" function is not available.

* If you leave the alarm on the lock screen for 30 minutes, the next alarm will not sound.
In that case, please launch the app.
(When you start the app,
The following alarms are automatically reconfigured: )

* For customers using Apple Watch

Sorry to trouble you, but select the notification tab from the Watch app on the top page of the iPhone,
Please make settings so that notifications for "Clock & Timer" are not forwarded to Apple Watch.

If it is not set, notifications will be transferred to the Apple Watch side and the app will not work properly.

iPad and iPod touch cannot use the vibration function.

We are improving the app every day.
Functions that are no longer needed are removed on a case-by-case basis.

・The snooze function has been abolished when multiple alarms can be set.
- The operation sound has already been abolished.
・There are no restrictions on the functions of the alarm clock.


バージョン 3.0.11

Fixed minor bugs.





Love it

This alarm is annoying but that’s the point to get my snoozing behind up. It works


Thank you for a review.
It is the duty of the alarm clock to wake up a user even if there is anything.
I am very happy that I can help it.


The very Best Alarm clock ever!!!😊😘😇🤩

I don’t think there’s anything else left to say. Except, THANK YOU!



This is what I have needed my entire life as I am such a sound sleeper and a bit of a night owl.
It’s great!


Thank you for the review.
Originally, it is an application made for myself.

It is an application made by weak people in the morning.
So i know what it takes for the weak in the morning.

I know from my experience that music does not replace the alarm.

The information you want is only the current time

Thank you for the review.


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