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With the O'Reilly app, you can:

• Read, watch, or listen on the go: Explore books, videos, training sessions, courses, and more—online or off.
• Never lose your place: With automatic syncing, you can start reading on one device and pick up where you left off on another.
• Discover and organize with Playlists: Search for the exact content you want to read, watch, or listen to—then add it to a playlist and revisit it any time.
• Personalize it: Adjust the text display for comfort with font size controls and a night mode setting.
• Find what you need: Get the answers you need, fast, with the ability to easily search across books, videos, and more.
• Make it work for you: Control the app with an external keyboard

Please note that to use this application you must have an active (or trial) O'Reilly account created after July 2014. If you are an O'Reilly customer who joined before July 2014, please use our Safari To Go app, also available in the App Store.

What’s New

Version 4.20.0

• Tunes up the app to make it faster to launch and load your playlists, particularly for those power users out there with really large playlists
• Fixes a few bugs that may have prevented video clips or book chapters from being opened

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
21.1K Ratings

21.1K Ratings

martind81 ,

Downloads often hangs

Great app but really hard to download content for offline. Most of the time the downloads hang forever after a few seconds. Pausing it and resuming often leads to a corrupted file, or even freeze and crash the app. I have this problem on both my iPhone XS and iPad Pro 2018 and the customer service was unfortunately not very helpful. They told me to uninstall and reinstall the app, which didn't fix it. This happen on both mobile or wifi connection and I can confirm that my internet connection isn't the problem (good latency and bandwidth, no pb to download netflix content, etc.) This seems like a bad implementation of the network stack of the app.

Update Jan 10: App doesn't open anymore, get stuck at login. Had to uninstall and reinstall one more time. And to redownload all the contents :(

Developer Response ,

We've found a bug for offline that logs users out and we are deploying a fix asap! Feel free to reach out to us directly through the in-app Feedback channel if you have any other issues. Thank you!

PS1913 ,

App is Pretty Pointless. Learning Platform is Not Much Better.

I don’t recommend using the app at all. In the old days the app was like an extension to the website where you could easily pick up where you left off. Now all you get are “Trending”, “Upcoming Conferences”, “Recommended For You” and “Recently Added”. No history of what you had been reading or watching on the web. There’s a tab for your playlists, but that’s a poor substitute for a history* view since that means users that often search for several distinct technologies must now save every single result to a playlist.

If you’re fortunate enough to only work in one domain and it uses a trendy technology, the app might be okay. But for anyone that used to use O’Reilly Media as a technical reference library - I’d say save yourself the time and hassle and skip this app.

* - The history feature is also broken in the web interface anyway, so I’m not really sure their learning platform as whole is worth the price anymore. It’s been broken for months now and I think that’s kind of a telling sign. Here you have a media company whose primary focus is publishing technical literature with an emphasis on software development. In that domain is website and app building - and these are the products they release. An app that basically tells you nothing more than Google and a website that only half works. Perhaps the developers should read some of the books contained in the learning platform...

Drob518 ,

Good but some issues

Overall, the catalog of titles is good. But there are some rough spots with the reader which are pretty unforgivable in the year 2020, given we’ve had Kindle and Apple Books for years and years.
1. Has bugs. Sometimes the reader asks me if I want to jump to the place last read on another device and I only read on a single device. If I forget and say yes, it jumps me to someplace odd (random?) in the book.
2. The top-level navigation is a bit bewildering. Why not just copy Kindle or Apple Books?
3. The reader uses a linear scrolling paradigm per chapter, which is fine, but when you get to the end of a chapter, if you continue scrolling, you inevitably flip to the next chapter which is discontinuous and you have to flip back to read the end of the last chapter. Kindle can do continuous scrolling, too, but it doesn’t have the discontinuity at chapter boundaries.


O'Reilly Media, Inc
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Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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