Screen Colors Filter — blocks high-energy visible light (HEV light) in the violet/blue band
from 400 to 500 nm in the visible spectrum & designed for those who works a lot at night.

When you're in a low-light environment or reading long book changing white background
to black background is really helpful.

Limit your Mac screen exposure to energy-efficient lighting and reduce eye strain
to help you focus on the most important things on the screen.
Change the colors of your screen to reduce the amount of blue light.

Key features:
- Work efficiently in low-light environment,
- Reduce the amount of blue light,
- 16 color presets for your convenience,
- Dim slider to fine tune screen colors,
- Completely invert screen color palette.

Ratings and Reviews

Hdyvcdruvsehd ,

Runs fine on my machine

There are a bunch of screen dimmers out there, but most of them turn off briefly when you slide between desktops and full screen apps, momentarily blinding you. This one does not do that.

There are a bunch of screen tinters out there, but most of them use what would probably be considered the “Normal” blend mode in Photoshop, which adds color to everything, including solid black. You can see it in their App Store screenshots. Black should stay black. With this app, it does.

It doesn’t work when F.lux is running. No biggie, they kind of do similar things anyway.

The 'Invert' option doesn’t work. No biggie, ^⌥⌘8 is already built into macOS.

None of the color options are quite right, unfortunately. Too green. If the pro version had a full HSL color picker, I would buy it in a heartbeat. If it let you pick a different tint for each monitor (to color match them), I would pay double. And if it let you pick a daytime tint as well as a nighttime tint (so the monitors stay color matched), and faded between them automatically like F.lux, I would pay triple. Keep it relatively bug free (not glitching out when switching desktops is a good start - keep that up) and throw in a bunch of configurable global keyboard shortcuts, and I’d have no problem throwing down a $20.

Esmerelda2 ,

Nice to be able to customize filter color; easily accessible top-bar icon

I’ve used a few other blue-light-filter night screen apps, and usually you can’t adjust the color or dimness of the screen; this one gives you a lot of choices so you can pick the one that bugs you least, and it has a dimness slider. Intuitive and easy to use - just choose on setup to put an icon shortcut on your top menu bar and it’s an easy one-click dropdown panel that doesn’t interrupt what you’re doing. I don’t think it’s hard to find as some other reviews say - maybe if you have a ton of icons up there it’s not obvious which one is the filter app. It’s a monitor icon. I’ve also never had problems with it crashing which seems to be the other major problem people have. I’m using it on a MacBook laptop and maybe on your phone or iPad it’s different. Anyway on my laptop it’s been handy and easy to use. I recommend it. Save your eyes and your sleep!

Jane7344 ,

Love this app more than flux

I used flux for years but on a more recent release it became harder to get it to use the colors I wanted.
This app is simple - pick a color and the level of dimming you want.

I use one color for daytime (screen out some blue light but not as much as I use at night) and at night use another color with some dimming.

The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars as with this free version you can't set it up to work automatically (e.g. specific settings for specific times of the day), you have to set it each time (not a problem, I just do a reminder for morning and evening.


Leanid Navumau
5.3 MB

OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor



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