In an alternate reality in 1920s Europa, it's been several years since the ""Great War"", but the ashes of the conflict are still hot and the war is entering a new phase. The first conflict saw the emergence of some incredible engines of war known as Mechs. Built by ""The Factory"", an independent city-state which has since become the object of everyone's desire, these technological monstrosities roam the snowy landscapes of Europa. Be the hero of one of the five factions – Saxony Empire, Crimean Khanate, Rusviet Union, Polania Republic or Nordic Kingdom – and become the richest and most powerful nation in all of Europa during these dark times! To assure the victory of your people, you will need to explore and conquer new territories, enlist new recruits and deploy your forces by building formidable and terrifying combat Mechs. Replay history in a fictional past full of mechanical engines and technology, where each choice you make will be critical. Choose your battles with care, because in Scythe, victory is achieved with and for the people!

- Asymmetry: every player starts the game with different resources (energy, coins, keen combat sense, popularity…), a different starting location and a secret objective. The starting positions are specifically set to contribute to the uniqueness of every faction and the asymmetrical nature of the game.
- Strategy: Scythe offers players almost complete control over their fate. The only elements of chance apart from each player's individual secrete objective card are the Encounter cards, which players draw to interact with the citizens of newly explored lands. Combat is also handled by way of choice; no luck or chance is involved.
- Engine Building: Players can improve their construction abilities to become more efficient, build structures that improve their position on the map, enlist new recruits into their faction, activate mechs to dissuade opponents from invading and expand their borders to reap greater types and quantities of resources. This aspect creates a feeling of energy and progression over the course of the entire game. The order in which players get to develop their economy and technologies adds to the unique feel of every game, even when playing as the same faction several times.

• Official adaptation of the award-winning board game
• 4X strategy game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate)
• Customize the mat to sharpen your strategy
• Choose a specialty for unique games: Agriculturalist, Industrialist, Engineer, Patriot or Mechanic.
• Fight alone against an AI, face your friends in Hotseat or face opponents from all over the world in Online Mode
• Check out artistic genius Jakub Rozalski's retro-futuristic illustrations!

Please note that Scythe: Digital Edition app requires a device with a minimum of 2GB Ram

What’s New

Version 1.9.08

Fixes for the ELO system in online ranked games
Fix for the online Play & Go games freezing when a player would spectate their own game and then return to it
Fix for the achievements not unlocking on devices with iOS 14
Fix for the players having to wait extra amount of time before being allowed to come back to a game they had disconnected from or start a new game altogether
Fix for the players being able to see other players' combat cards and objectives through spectate mode
Fix for the game's screen not fully fitting into the screens of some iOS devices (iPad Air 3, iPad Mini 5, iPad 8)
Fix for some Dutch text not fitting properly into various buttons in the game's UI -
Fix for the Dutch translation error on the encounter card 23 and in main menu (implemented the correct “Offline spelen” for “Play Offline)
Fix for previewing ongoing online games by now specifically showing whole turn it is in those games
Fix for chat messages in Play & Go games disappearing for players that at some point left that game and returned to it
Fix for the "No Suitable Place" popup/label showing when constructing the very first structure, which also prevented the completion of the Scoring Tutorial
Fix for the Factory cards' Move Action not working in some online games
Fix for hamburger menus not working correctly in online games
Fix for wrong the translations of "not connected to the Game Center" pop ups
Fix for Korean localization being displayed incorrectly
Fix for missing localizations of the "Allow Sleep Mode" option
Fix for the "End Turn" button not turning green after claiming an encounter
Fix for some desync issues in crossplay games

Ratings and Reviews

4.0 out of 5
57 Ratings

57 Ratings

Cubato ,

Great app

Plays well versus the AI, with no lag or crashes. The user interface is well implemented and gives you easy access to the current score and eligible hexes one can move to.

The undo can be a bit clunky at times (e.g. to undo a single move you have to finish the entire action). Also, not sure how to tell at a glance which resources in the bottom row can be reduced via the Upgrade action. These are minor complaints, I still think the game is well worth it.


Released finished game EDIT: Nevermind I’m dumb

You can’t use “2 move” action on the same unit (character or worker). Turn 1 of game 1 and I can’t move my character 2 spaces to pick up encounter. If this very basic action is wrong who knows what else is wrong. Please refund money or fix game. Pretty sad for $8 game.

Edit: I followed the digital in game rules link and under top row move it says to move 2 different (italicized) units. I thought that was a change in a newer edition or something because we’ve played Scythe for years without noticing you couldn’t use both move actions on same unit. I opened my physical rule book and there is was. Two different units. Now I’m questioning everything I thought I knew about everything as I may have just worm holed into a parallel universe where the only difference is you can’t move the same character twice in scythe.

TheMirefox ,

Idiotic Online

Scythe is an excellent board game. This app looks good so far and I was able to log in via my Asmodee account and add friends within the app, which is more than I can do in other Asmodee games (Terraforming Mars).

HOWEVER, that’s all I’ve seen so far. Why? Because for some nonsensical reason you cannot invite friends into an asynchronous (here called Play & Go) game unless everyone is online. We have been trying to coordinate via forum for four people spread across 7 hours of time zones to all log in at the exact same time just to start a game. We still haven’t managed to do this. Is there a reason Asmodee can’t figure out how to do something that other developers figured out nearly a decade ago at this point?

I’ll update my review accordingly should the experience improve, but when you spend premium money on a top-rated board game made by the biggest board game app developer in the world you expect basic functionality without having to jump through asinine hoops.

Developer Response ,

Hello, the team is working on this issue. Don't hesitate to share any feedback or idea with our support team here:


Asmodee Digital
324 MB

Requires iOS 13.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish

Age Rating
Infrequent/Mild Cartoon or Fantasy Violence


  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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